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Post #2: Lights, Camera, Tonys

Where do Hedwig and The Angry Inch, Les Miserables, Finding Neverland, Beautiful, Aladdin, Wicked, If Then and many more spectacular shows all come together? The 2014 Tony Awards, of course!

The show started off with Hugh Jackman hopping like a bunny all over the beautiful venue of Radio City Music Hall. I couldn’t help but cringe. Neil Patrick Harris would have done an insane number, featuring various in-audience celebrity cameos and heavy choreography, he would have sung about all of the different musicals that were going to be featured, he would not have just hopped around. The opening was not as fantastic as I anticipated, but it wasn’t Harris, it was Jackman and although Jackman is good, he's not great, and at times, does not have enough charisma to host the Tonys.

However, even though the opening number did not portray the high-standards of Broadway, that does not mean the rest of the show was not incredible. At many points, I was frozen in my seat, enamored by the impeccable talent of the various casts, I had goosebumps on my arms for the majority of the show and at one point, I almost cried. The Tonys are like another Super Bowl to me. Why? Because I am infatuated with Broadway. Broadway is the only place that you can go sit and be truly transformed into another time or place. The talent is impeccable. The staging, the lighting, the cast — everything is on point. Broadway’s perfection is almost intangible.

Les Miserables’ performance was flawless. The cast performed a medley of the show, many of the cast members sang their main song at the same time. One would think a member of the production would find themselves lost over the layers and layers of songs, but in this case, they did not. It was perfect. In three minutes, they brought together the emotions, the talent, the choreography and the storyline of the show that started its 2014 revival on Broadway just a few short months ago.

Beautiful, a musical about the singer Carole King, put on a great performance as well. King introduced the cast's performance as a challenge to watch, but an incredible story. She admitted the show was so raw she did not go to the premire of it, even though the show is about her! As tears came to her eyes, she proudly introduced the production and midway through the performance, came on stage and sang with the cast! Could you imagine being a part of the cast? Not only are you being featured on the Tonys, you’re singing with Carole King!

Finding Neverland, a story based off the film on the author of Peter Pan, made it’s debut appearance, ending the show off with a bang. Jennifer Hudson left the audience in a beautiful trance, taking them to the London town and into Wendy’s bedroom. Oddly enough, Hudson will not be starring in the show, she was just a stand in for the Tonys.The actress who portrayed Peter Pan, Melanie Moore, made her debut after winning So You Think You Can Dance and taking her talent to the Broadway stage. The performance left the audience awestruck and now, the world impatiently awaits the start of the show in July!

The rawness, the emotion, the talent of Broadway — it was all there on Sunday June 8th for the 46th annual Tony Awards. Now, all we can do is soak in the winnings, dive into Broadway and wait until next June when the Tonys come on again. I cannot wait.

So, tell me, what did YOU think about the Tonys?

Until next time, Ashley


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