Life, Love and the Pursuit of Publication

Post #1: Introducing Me

Hi! And thanks for clicking on this blog! Although there was a short bio about me in the Cazenovia Republican newspaper, I thought I’d start off by introducing myself a bit more, especially since this is going to be an all summer blog about my thoughts.

First off, my name is Ashley Wolf and I am the summer intern for the Cazenovia Republican. I am a sophomore at Ithaca College and major in journalism with an intent to minor in website development. I graduated in 2013 from Fabius-Pompey high school, a school I attended from kindergarten to senior year.

Academics isn’t my entire life though. I am the average nineteen year old girl. I listen to music too loudly, over think everything, gawk at cute guys, tweet excessively, fall in love too easily and dance like a maniac any chance I get. My DVD shelf is filled with dozens of films from Rom Coms like She’s The Man and Bad Teacher to dramatic films like The Blind Side and hopefully, eventually, when I get to it, The King’s Speech — one of my all time favorite movies. My phone’s ringtone changes daily — just like my taste in music. One day, I may be driving down the road blasting Ed Sheeran, the next, The Dave Matthews Band, the next, Katy Perry, and sometimes even Jason Aldean. I’m becoming a bigger fan of country music every day. Like my choice of music, I also change every day. I am not perfect — no where close. I’m still figuring out who I am and where I belong. Even though I may know what I want to do with the rest of my life, I definitely don’t know what type of woman I’ll become.

So, this summer, I challenge you — if you can relate to any of this — to read my blog. I’ll try to keep my entries short, I may rant sometimes, but like I said, I’m nineteen; I have a lot of emotions. So, whether you want to go with them or not, I hope you enjoy this blog.

Leave a comment! I want to hear from my readers! What would you like me to sound off on this summer? GIve me some topics and I’ll try to cover them.

Until next time,



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