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Post #4: Movie Review: The Fault In Our Stars

The passionate and heartwarming film “The Fault in Our Stars” is not the typical love story and the teenage characters do not live the typical 17 or 18 year old life. Although the three main characters may look like everyday teens, they most definitely are not.

Hazel (Divergent’s Shailene Woodley), Augustus (Divergent’s Ansel Elgort) and Isaac (Stuck In Love’s Nat Wolff) know the Indianapolis Hospital’s oncology ward and everything that goes along with it like the back of their hands. Hazel is learning to live with breathing tubes for her Stage 4 Thyroid cancer; Augustus is “half autobot” as he calls it from his prosthetic metal leg from his battle with osteosarcoma; Isaac is figuring out how to guide himself with a white cane after losing his eyesight from Ocular melanoma.

Augustus Waters is handsome, quirky and lives every day in high spirits, trying to make himself into someone that the world will remember. A cigarette is almost always found between his lips, as it calms his nerves, but unlike other smokers, he does not have a lighter to go with it.

"It’s a metaphor, see: you put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do its killing. A metaphor,” he says.

Hazel Grace notices Augustus, his metaphor and his fear of oblivion and takes a liking to him. Before Hazel meets Augustus, she seems like an incredibly bitter person who is waiting for death, but eventually, she begins to smile, then laugh and then she love and live again — all because of him.

This movie is an inspirational story about three teenagers that try to find their place in a world that they may not live in for long. Isaac struggles to figure out how ot live blindly while trying to mend a broken heart. While Hazel and Augustus figure out their chemistry, Hazel’s resistance towards Augustus and how to survive with and without each other.

The on-screen chemistry of Woodley and Elgort creates an emotionally-compelling storyline. And the way Woodley and Elgort carry the characters in the film make those who fell in love with the power couple through the pages of John Green’s novel proud that the film stayed so true to the book. The film’s soundtrack is breathtaking and brings more emotion into the scenes with artists such as Kodaline, Birdy, Grouplove and M83 and singer-songwriter Ed Sheerans debut of his emotionally gripping slow track “All of the Stars” in the final credits. None of the tracks chosen for the film are popular and they are mainly slow ballads or simple, romantic songs about struggles, love, healing and fighting battles.

In the film, the audience emerges into a world of little infinities, romance and Hazel and Augustus — a charming, energetic, heartbreaking realm where there may or may not be a happily ever after, but the beautiful idea that happiness can be found in hospitals and fighting for what one wants.


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