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Fire departments risk burning bridges with online photos

Seven months ago, on a Wednesday, my phone rang just before 3 a.m. with a number I never wanted to see at that hour — my mother. From her front porch in Chittenango, she was watching news crews set up outside of a house fire that called in 14 fire departments from across Madison and Onondaga counties.

Tweet me: The power of social media

When Occupy Syracuse was given an eviction notice, they tweeted it. When snow shut down West Genesee Schools, superintendent Chris Brown tweeted it. When news breaks across central New York, news agencies, myself included, tweet it. Call me crazy, but Twitter may be the best thing to happen to information ...

Syracuse media, community can learn from Lonsberry

There’s a big voice coming to Syracuse airwaves. Though he has big shoes to fill, Rochester’s Bob Lonsberry seems to be the perfect addition to the Syracuse media corps and the talk-radio troops. I hadn’t met Lonsberry until last week, but over the years I’ve become very familiar with his ...