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Cracked swan eggs creates uproar; harsher crimes ignored

Police say Carnell Marshall was left for dead. They say the 27-year-old was beaten, burned and tortured on McAllister Avenue before he, or his body, was left in a hidden part of the tire store parking lot. His killers didn’t want him to live, nor for him to be found, ...

Drunken driving consequences reverberate through community

“He was my only son,” his mother said, holding back tears and speaking with the silent strength reserved only for a grieving mother. “He was my only child and now he’s my angel.”

Seeking the definition of a deadly weapon

I believe in self-defense, and I believe in the right to defend oneself if faced with peril. When it’s a decision between self-defense and serious injury, I’m always going to go with self-defense. As a young female with an inclination for hard news stories, I sometimes get myself in dangerous ...