susanm 1 year, 10 months ago on LETTER: Tetley is the best man for the job

Assemblyman Stirpe is right. Mark Tetley has long been an active community member. When he was Supervisor it seems like significantly more progress was made for our community. With all that has happened with local officials and leaders the past few years, it seems like it is time for fresh ideas. Mark is someone who will work hard to look at the needs and problems within our community and local government and take action. I encourage everyone to vote for Mark Tetley.


susanm 1 year, 10 months ago on LETTER: Why I’m voting for Tetley for the town of Manlius supervisor

I agree with the writer. I've know Mark for many years and feel he is an honest hard working man who truly wants to help his community. He worked very hard during his last tenure as Supervisor. It seems like the town has come to a stand still and we need motivated people like Mark who want to put things in order and make Manlius a town of progress. When Mark was in office previously he worked with the state to get funding for more sidewalks and bring new business to the area. Local elections shouldn't be about part affiliation, it should be about who is going to work hard to move forward and Mark Tetley is just the person to help do that.