lvm108 2 years, 7 months ago on Oh, Brothers! And Rams, too

Thank you for writing this...you have managed to capture (almost) the essence of the CBA/JD hockey season this year. Being one of the Mom's of a member of the team, I can say that each one of those last games, beginning with Auburn, was thrilling, anxiety provoking and great to be a part of as they achieved one hard fought victory after another. They came from behind when it seemed impossible that they would be able to pull it off...it really did seem like it was destiny, fate whatever you want to call it. And I do believe that coaches dad passing was instrumental in firing those guys up because they wanted so badly to win for Mike. My son is a Senior this year and although he doesnt get ice time,during important games, he was "over the moon" to have been a part of this team. You see they are a GREAT bunch of kids, they like and respect each other, if they play or not. I told my son that he provides the experience and challenge the starting players require to improve during practice. He, and all the others that sit on the bench during games, are an important part as well. Thank you again for this beautiful tribute. You are right, not one of those people involved with that team will EVER forget that impossible dream coming true. Lisa McCann