lerxst62 10 months, 2 weeks ago on Upside-down flag at American Diner signals distress

This clown is an absolute moron. The one (and only ) time I was in there, he was showing a picture of the President's (supposed) Columbia University student ID that said he was a foreign student. I pointed out to him that Columbia didn't have computerized ID's in the early 80's and that their ID's never have said foreign student on them. He didn't want to hear that. Nothing but your typical "Obama's black and a Kenyan communist, so everything he does is anti American". His Gadsden flag should read "Don't Reason With Me".


lerxst62 1 year, 8 months ago on LETTER: Cicero needs to focus on the future

Can we please stop calling this mismanagement of the budget a "surplus"? They raised taxes, borrowed money and dipped into the reserve fund. What they did was pay someone to do the budget for them (That's right, they paid someone else to do their job), and Mr. Rowland did a horrible job. This "surplus" is nothing but concrete evidence of how utterly clueless these people are. Taxes were raised unnecessarily. Do we get that money back? Of course not. They started spending it the minute they could get their hands on it (paving the town hall parking lot. The most pressing need in the town).

As for Jessica's "vision"...that entails doing what is best for Jessica. When does she plan to jump parties for her own betterment again?


lerxst62 2 years, 7 months ago on Taxes up 5.5 percent in Cicero

So...let's take a look at Mr. Corl's budget and what he has to say about it.

"Reduce the cost of government". Funny, a 4.7% increase in spending doesn't quite make it as a reduction.

Jim then goes on to moan about "raiding" the fund balance. Why is it when he takes over $400,000 out of the fund balance it isn't "raiding"?

Overall, just a brilliant job! He paid someone $8,000 to come up with this budget which basically consists of, let's raise spending and taxes. Show some guts and cut some of the bloat (cough, cough...police department).