Amanda Seef


CRS224 4 years ago

So – it’s all right for the newspaper to print any photos they want, no matter how heartbreaking for any viewer who might be connected to or concerned with the event, but it’s not all right for a fire company to do the same thing? How do you spell hypocritical? Yes, there are things like the First Amendment, Freedom of the Press – however, that amendment grants freedom of speech to everyone, not just the newspapers and other media that make up the ‘press’ that you work for.
Sure it’s tough to look at a photo of the destruction of something near and dear to yourself personally. Why is it easier to look at that photo on a newspaper page than on a fire department web page? The only difference I see is that you work for a newspaper, so for them to print it must be all right. Most newspapers are also online, and probably many more people see the photo there than on a fire departments web page. What is your reasoning as to why the fire department shouldn’t post a photo of a fire they fought? I doubt they’re bragging about a fire they couldn’t stop; I’d more think that it’s there for training and critique or just to show that they were on the job. Or is the lack of a caption the difference? Journalists do in ‘in context’, does that make the photo less ‘blaring’? I don’t think so. Lest you think I don’t know about this, I have been a newspaper reporter. I’ve also been involved with emergency services for almost 40 years. And, I’ve been awakened at 2:30 in the morning, to tones that summoned firefighters to a fully involved structure fire at a house owned by the theatre I work for. Eleven people lived there, and I didn’t know for many heart stopping minutes whether all of them got out or not. There were many photos of that in the media and on line. I just saw another posting of it, 6 months after the fire, on a theatre jobs web page. Did it make me stop for a moment and relive that night? Sure. But you know what? I got over it. If people reading it realize that fire is something that can happen to any of us and take preventive measures, I don’t mind at all. Please read your own story and rethink your objections. I think you doth protest too much. I think you need to realize that everyone has First Amendment rights. We can hope that people use common sense in posting photos and stories – but since common sense is vastly uncommon these days, we must realize that sometimes they won’t and sometimes we will see something that will upset us.
But, please don’t chastise those hard-working fire fighters for posting a photo just because it was your fire. They didn’t do it against you, personally, nor your family (and I’m very glad that they were not injured in the fire). They did it because it was a part of their job, and they want the world to know that they were out there doing it. Most of the world would thank them, when it happens to their part of it.


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