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Urban CNY: Blue lights at Christmas time

It’s Christmas time again and I, like many people, hold on to that old concept of decorating the house with lights for the holidays. There are traditional lights that are clipped to the gutters or strung around the frame of the house or a lonely tree giving the neighborhood a light show and National Grid additional profits.

Urban CNY: It’s over! Campaign 2011

Finally, Election 2011 is over, and with the boring coverage on local television, it’s a wonder how we were ever able to stay awake for the conclusion.

Urban CNY: Days of absence

It came as no surprise when a story was published about the lack of diversity on the Syracuse City School Board which controls a $350 million-plus school budget.

Giving Obama Credit: Gaddafi’s death, Pan Am Flight 103 and terror

Urban CNY

As we’ve listened to reports of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s death, perhaps no community has felt the impact of his state-sponsored terror more than the local families who lost relatives on that flight that also killed students from Syracuse University. We are reminded of this annually as the university and the broader Syracuse community reflects on the lives of those taken away, victims of a senseless terrorist act.

Consent by silence

Urban CNY

As the beginning of Fall arrives there’s an air of confusion — and at times confrontation — in our city, state and nation.

Howie Hawkins: Perennial power to the people

Urban CNY

It was a hot summer day, a day when most people are trying to get in from the 90 degree-plus temperatures. Howie Hawkins was speaking with people in front of the now shuttered Valley Plaza P&C grocery store about something called the Green Party.

Collard greens

Urban CNY

As a child, I really wasn’t particularly fond of collard greens or their importance in the diet of African-Americans.

Whatever happened to our Civil Defense System?

Urban CNY

With natural disasters hitting our shores almost weekly, isn’t it time to rebuild our Civil Defense System?

Harry Potter and the Citizen Review Board

Urban CNY

From YouTube to the local news, we’ve been shown images of a man being led to a Syracuse police car as a neighbor’s cell phone camera recorded his head being slammed into the window of an awaiting patrol car. After the incident the subject of the video was shown with a black eye.

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