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A clean canvas; The future of Onondaga Lake's shoreline will be determined by the Syracuse community

“There is an alignment, I guess, of the stars right now to try to keep the monitoring programs working together and to reduce redundancy,” said Ed Michalenko, president of the Onondaga Environmental Institute.

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How government agencies, the public, and one large corporation are bringing Onondaga Lake 'back to life'

President Nixon, who had shown little interest in environmental issues before the first Earth Day celebrations in 1970, suddenly began to take note of the political possibilities.

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Robert Shepard, owner of bygone Fayetteville Home Fair, dies at 76

“It was a time when New York had a small town feel to it,” Bob Shepard said about Fayetteville in the 1960s. At the top of the hill and the center of town, the Shepard’s Home Fair served the community’s home improvement needs.

Jordan businesses to host 'Tween shopping day

The village of Jordan is not typically known for its shop-ability, but Saturday, Dec. 17, local ‘tweens are invited to bring their creativity and their wallets downtown for a unique shopping experience.

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Onondaga Lake: How it became ‘the most polluted lake in America’

Ironically, a European obsession with cleanliness eventually lead to Onondaga Lake being considered “the most polluted lake in America,” according to upstatefreshwater.org.

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Trees for Troops: Jordan tree farm serves as pick-up point

It’s not yet a white Christmas, but the lack of snow did not stop a dozen or so volunteers from getting into the Christmas spirit Dec. 5.

Elbridge: Hart Lot will see lower water rates

Water district project was completed in late-November

The Hart Lot water district has undergone the largest infrastructure upgrade in the district’s history, said Elbridge Town Supervisor Ken Bush.

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Posted: State DEC’s hunting regulations put burden of knowledge on landowner

State DEC’s hunting regulations put burden of knowledge on landowner

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, Hunters have a right to enter land that is “unimproved, apparently unused and unfenced (or not otherwise enclosed to exclude intruders).” This can pose a problem for property owners who do not want hunters trespassing on their land.

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A new beginning

Onondaga Lake Partnership sets sights high for the future of Onondaga Lake

The Onondaga Lake Partnership Nov. 29 held a community forum to discuss the progress and future of Onondaga Lake. More than 100 Syracuse area residents came to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo to hear about the current clean-up efforts and the partnership’s vision for Onondaga Lake’s future. Over the coming weeks, The Eagle will research this topic in a series of features that explore the history of the lake, the improvements that have taken place over the past decade, the legal and political influence, the current partnership effort around continuing those improvements, the vision of that partnership, and the education efforts that will inform the public about what’s happening at Onondaga Lake, and why Syracuse should be proud.

'Shift your shopping'

The Eagle's CNY holiday gift guide

The season of gifts can be a season of angst, especially if, like many locally minded Syracuse residents, you are shifting your shopping to locally owned, independent businesses. The Eagle has sought out these unique, local gifts for the men, women and children on your list.

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