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LETTER: Town of Cicero should choose new planning board chair

To the editor: I commend the courage of The Eagle Star-Review to report the Cicero Board of Ethics’ decision that Supervisor Zambrano’s conduct did “constitute a conflict of interest.”

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LETTER: Judy Boyke is the best candidate for the town of Cicero

To the editor: Judy Boyke is the best candidate to become the supervisor for the town of Cicero. Judy is a person that sincerely cares about the residents of Cicero and where their tax dollars are being spent. As a former Cicero town supervisor, Judy has a successful track record as a leader in our town. After leaving office she continued her commitment to the town. You will find Judy at almost every town board meeting; she researches the agenda items to see if they are beneficial to the residents, and is very knowledgeable about the issues facing this town. Judy Boyke is for “people, not politics.”