Letters to the Editor


Impressed by inquisitive, informed high school students who questioned Cuomo representative at town hall meeting


To the editor: One of the most elementary lessons that teachers learn during the teacher education process is this: Don’t punish the whole class for the mistakes of a few class members. It’s unfair, unjust and, as a result, it will breed resentment between the class members and their instructor. It was precisely this issue (among many others) that was addressed by a student in Kurt Wheeler’s AP Government class to a member of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration on Friday, Jan. 30, at the Cazenovia Public Library.

DeRuyter supervisor thanks emergency responders for Jan. 28 incident resolution


To the editor: The Town of DeRuyter is thankful to the many agencies responding to the hostage situation occurring on Best Road in the Town of DeRuyter the evening of Jan. 28. A total of 13 agencies responded providing both police support and background support to those actively involved with the situation.

When will citizens wake up and send a message to Albany politicians?


To the editor: Once again the State of New York finds itself in a morally embarrassing situation where our top elected legislative leader is placed under arrest for what many believed has been an ongoing activity for years. This comes not long after our own governor disbands a commission for studying corruption in his administration for fear of what it may uncover.

LETTERS: Toomey home doesn’t belong on Doyle Road

To the editor: “Lysander Citizens United” began in the year 2014 as resident opposition to the establishment of a treatment facility for severely emotionally disturbed young boys on Doyle Road. We are still in existence and are active.

Saddened by the death of Anne Hartt-Barbey


To the editor: It was with great sadness that I learned of the death of Anne Hartt-Barbey. Because of her advanced age, many Cazenovians are unaware of the contributions she made toward the preservation and conservation of the landscape they now enjoy.

CCH offers thanks for a successful Chilly Chili


To the editor: More than 600 people registered for the 11th Annual Chilly Chili 5K Run/Walk benefiting Cazenovia Children’s House on Jan. 11 and enjoyed running past the stores and restaurants, by the lovely homes and along our wintry roads.

A call to action for the education of our children


To the editor: Preserving opportunities for students is the top priority of our school district. I am not convinced that our elected representatives in Albany share that same priority. They all say education is important to them, but what have they done to make a difference? The Cazenovia School District has lost more than $6.2 million in state funding since the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) was implemented in 2009 as a short term “fix” to the state budget crisis. In response to this significant reduction in state aid, the school district has cut staff, programs, increased class size, collaborated with other districts and plugged the hole in our budget with reserve funds for the past five years. We as taxpayers have also shouldered the burden.

Cuomo and GEA endanger student opportunities


To the editor: In the short time I have been part of the Cazenovia school community, I have come to recognize what a special place this is for kids. I have also come to realize the endangered nature of the many opportunities our students enjoy. The threat to student opportunity in Cazenovia exists because of a state aid funding formula that for years has been both inadequate and inequitable.

LETTER: Bob Smith - A leader when it comes to long term planning for our community

County Legislator Jim Corl Jr. is pleased to see that the Cicero Town Board recently re-appointed Bob Smith as the chair of the planning board.

LETTER: Board’s treatment of former dog warden vindicated — and taxpayers will pay for it

Former Lysander town councilor Russ Johnson weighs in on suit by the town's former dog warden.

Don’t let Cazenovia become a tourist trap


To the editor: It deeply disturbs me that all four of the Cazenovia area business grants just awarded will greatly increase tourism. Residents of our village and town will lose a quality of life we cherish. Gone will be our quaint little village. Cazenovia will become a tourist trap with hundreds of visitors crowding our sidewalks and their cars and buses clogging our streets. Is this what we want?

LETTER: Town of Cicero should choose new planning board chair

To the editor: I commend the courage of The Eagle Star-Review to report the Cicero Board of Ethics’ decision that Supervisor Zambrano’s conduct did “constitute a conflict of interest.”

Owera Vineyards: Misled and ill-placed


To the editor: Despite our love of agriculture, from day one we were concerned about the “vineyard coming to town.” As owners of a farm in Cazenovia, albeit not a vineyard, our agricultural experience told us immediately that a landholding the size of Owera would never be able to sustain itself as a vineyard. So what was the true intent? We found that out in the summer of 2013. As the largest landholding abutting Owera, we went from the “quiet enjoyment” of our farm to bright lights and loud city. No more sitting outside late at night and watching the stars.

Thanks to Project Café for great toy shop


To the editor: I want to extend a tremendous thank you to Project Cafe for the Toy Shop they held this past weekend at Burton Street.

High school student says: Religious/activity period is important


To the editor: Recently, many locals have been concerned about the school’s use of time dedicated to religion and Activity Period. The controversy is whether or not the religious education of the students should be taken out of the school day. Many students choose to stay in activity period instead of participating in religion. This may be because the house of worship of their religion is not available in Cazenovia or because they feel their time is better used to finish other schoolwork. I feel that getting rid of religion and activity period is a poor idea.