Letters to the Editor


LETTER: Sheriff’s candidate doesn’t say how repealing SAFE will make us safer

Jack Garafalo ("SAFE-ACT has serious flaw, won't work in the long run," June 11) wrote a very persuasive letter about how he, as a candidate for Onondaga County sheriff, would attempt to get that law overturned. In his lengthy letter, however, he failed to mention how he would make Onondaga County a safer community for its citizens.

LETTER: Disappointed to not see Fayetteville DPW in parade

To the editor and all members of the Fayetteville DPW: I attended the Fayetteville Memorial Day parade for the first time in many years. I was very disappointed that your department was not represented in this parade. The only representatives I saw were several workers quickly removing barricades at the end to open the streets.

LETTER: Meaning behind parade is not candy

To the editor: On May 26, many Manlius children were once again able to learn the true meaning of Memorial Day. Namely, that it’s the day when the streets are filled with candy and all one has to do is pick it up. Hey, it’s even better than Halloween, no need to don a mask or costume, walk between houses, ring doorbells, etc.

Free gift to veteran dad for Father’s Day


To the editor: A suggestion for Father’s Day June 15: give your WWII, Korean War or terminally ill veteran father or grandfather the gift of a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit monuments dedicated to their honor.

A resident’s tribute to Circa


To the editor: I’ve been thinking about the rationale we as a community have been using about Circa, the slow-food restaurant that is being forced out of business by rising rents. Why should we keep it open? It’s good for our property values? It’s good for Route 20 tourism? It proves we are a cool small town?

‘Quiet’ is a resource to be preserved


“Peace and quiet” is a resource that most of us have taken for granted comes with living in a small town in a rural setting. As someone who frequently travels to large and chaotic international cities, I can attest to the restorative value of Cazenovia’s quietude. However, like Cazenovia’s other unique resources, quiet is at risk of being lost incrementally unless we proactively preserve it. Fortunately, Cazenovia’s town board saw this and recently introduced a draft noise ordinance together with an ordinance governing regulation of “special events.”

Trustee urges voters to support Fire Department Length of Service Award Program


To the citizens of the village of Cazenovia: I am writing this letter to remind the voters in the village of Cazenovia that in June 2014 village elections there will be a vote on the proposed Fire Department Length of Service Award Program, or, LOSAP. I strongly support this program.

LETTERS: B’ville Lions Club to hold ‘White Cane Day’

To the editor: The purpose of “White Cane Day” is to call attention to some of the international and local sight activities that Lions do to help improve sight and help to prevent and cure blindness. It is also to request small donations to help Lions continue these works.

LETTERS: B’ville Optimist Club thanks guidance counselors, Messenger

To the editor: On behalf of the Baldwinsville Optimist Club, I express our appreciation to the Baker High School guidance counselors: Mr. Hollenbeck, Mrs. Pascale, Mrs. Dixon, Ms. Ambrose, Mrs. Foote and Mr. Mancini; and to Ms. Scott, editor of the Baldwinsville Messenger, for the cooperation with which you all gave me for the past two years as we honored 16 exemplary seniors for their academic excellence, extracurricular activities and their in-school and out-of-school community volunteerism.

Free gift to veteran dad for Father’s Day


To the editor: A suggestion for Father’s Day June 15: give your WWII, Korean War or terminally ill veteran father or grandfather the gift of a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit monuments dedicated to their honor.

Owners of East Road barn thanks emergency crews for saving their house


To the editor: We are sick at the loss of our beautiful barns, built so long ago and so well by neighbors helping neighbors. That same spirit was evident yesterday as ten volunteer fire companies came to aid us. CAVAC and local police and fire department auxiliaries all worked together to save our house.

Kudos to Cazenovia High School Music Department for great concert


Please share with the music department my sincerest congratulations on an outstanding performance at the Civic Center. This was the first Cazenovia concert I attended at the Civic Center, and I was a bit skeptical, given the expense and effort of bringing performers and audience from Cazenovia to Syracuse.

The cost of success in small business


To the editor: Eight years, and a blink of an eye: a baby, a brain tumor and a few other notable life events later, here we are. Circa has employed your children, your friends, your friends' children and your children’s friends — you name ’em, they have been welcome here, usually (but not always) to the delight of my customers. Owning and operating this small business in Cazenovia has brought both rewards and challenges.

LETTER: What’s going on with the Manlius gazebo?

To the editor: What happened to the gazebo? Will it be rebuilt? These are the questions the Spade and Trowel Garden Club received at our annual perennial sale recently. We answered that, because of major deterioration, the gazebo had to be replaced and this is planned to happen during 2014.

LETTER: Family festival committee says thanks

To the editor: We, the North Syracuse Family Festival Committee, wish to extend sincere thanks to the many people and companies who support us in providing an opportunity for children and adults to have a free and fun day. The festival was held Saturday, May 24, in Lonergan Park. Without these sponsors, the event would not happen. Thank you.