Letters to the Editor


LETTER: Town government should put the people first

To the editor: First and foremost, town government exists as a representative of the resident community – the citizen taxpayers who pay the salaries and benefits to those who provide the necessary services to the same residents in matters of their well being.

LETTER: Helping pets find a home

To the editor: There has been a great deal of concern and upset about Hope, the black Labrador retriever that was found severely underweight in the freezing temperatures of Lysander, and her feline companion, who succumbed to the cold.

LETTER: Calling all ‘Good Samaritans’

To the editor: Be part of the Second Annual Good Samaritan 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, April 11, at Long Branch Park in Liverpool. The goal of this faith-based family event is to encourage volunteering and to provide additional funding for Christian Health Service of Syracuse (CHSOS), a not-for-profit medical facility at 3200 Burnet Ave.

Congratulations to students on a great musical production


To the editor: My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the High School Drama Club's production of “Singin’ in the Rain.” Our congratulations to all the students, their teachers, and their parents — all of whom obviously devoted long hours to preparing this marvelous performance.

LETTER: Moderates stay silent on extremist remarks

To the editor: Congressman John Lewis was right when he recently said that he saw the “the scars and stains of racism” in Rudy Giuliani’s remarks about the President of the United States.

Cook family thanks community for its support


Dear Cazenovia community: It has taken me a while to write this note of thanks to all of you who have been so supportive of our journey from Oct. 4, 2014, through now. As most of you know, that is the date my soul mate of more than 50 years was diagnosed with terminal cancer and passed from this life to his eternal home on Dec. 10, 2014.

Please park responsibly at Fairchild Hill trail head


To the editor: Parking for the CPF Fairchild Hill trail at the south end of Cazenovia Lake is generously provided by the Trush family behind the brown building at the south end of the lake, but only if trail users do not block truck delivery traffic behind the building.

Thanks for a successful Winterfest Pancake Breakfast


To the editor: Cazenovia American Legion Post 88 would like to thank Carl Stearns of Stearns Farms, Jim Barr of Brae Loch Inn, Bill Tilison of Dave's Diner, Scoutmaster George Schmit and BSA Troop 18, Anna Marie Neuland and the GCACC for their help in making the Winterfest Pancake Breakfast a wonderful success.

Support the movement to eliminate the GEA


To the editor: Our local school district has done its part. We have lost more than $6 million in state aid and as a result we have raised taxes, cut programs and, most importantly, used our “rainy day” reserves, a concept too often lost on our politicians, so that we are now essentially broke. We have bailed out Wall Street and we have bailed out New York State with respect to their commitment to education. Yet the “temporary” GED remains.

Thanks to community for support of Cazenovia YoungLife Women’s Basket Brunch


To the editor: It was a brisk Saturday morning, Jan. 24, when 100 women arrived at The Lincklaen House to attend the Cazenovia YoungLife Women’s Basket Brunch. This wonderful event raised $7,000, which is very exciting as it will provide a portion of YoungLife’s financial needs here in our community.

LETTER: Lysander councilor to host town hall meeting

As an elected councilor in the town of Lysander, I would like to personally invite every resident that has any questions or concerns with their town government to attend my first town hall meeting scheduled for March 5.

Thanks to everyone for their help with our chimney fire


To the editor: We sincerely thank our neighbors Nathan Bliss and Marge Jones for their timely alert to our recent chimney fire and to the Cazenovia Fire Department for their prompt and professional response.

Impressed by inquisitive, informed high school students who questioned Cuomo representative at town hall meeting


To the editor: One of the most elementary lessons that teachers learn during the teacher education process is this: Don’t punish the whole class for the mistakes of a few class members. It’s unfair, unjust and, as a result, it will breed resentment between the class members and their instructor. It was precisely this issue (among many others) that was addressed by a student in Kurt Wheeler’s AP Government class to a member of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration on Friday, Jan. 30, at the Cazenovia Public Library.

DeRuyter supervisor thanks emergency responders for Jan. 28 incident resolution


To the editor: The Town of DeRuyter is thankful to the many agencies responding to the hostage situation occurring on Best Road in the Town of DeRuyter the evening of Jan. 28. A total of 13 agencies responded providing both police support and background support to those actively involved with the situation.

When will citizens wake up and send a message to Albany politicians?


To the editor: Once again the State of New York finds itself in a morally embarrassing situation where our top elected legislative leader is placed under arrest for what many believed has been an ongoing activity for years. This comes not long after our own governor disbands a commission for studying corruption in his administration for fear of what it may uncover.