Letters to the Editor


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Letters to the editor for the May 27, 2015 edition of the Eagle Bulletin.

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LETTER: Plenty of good in the town of Cicero

To the editor: There’s a lot of good going on in Cicero.

Nothing less than propaganda: A response to last week’s letter to the editor


To the editor: Pat Carmeli in her Letter to the Editor (May 20, 2105 Republican) says she stands for “more educated discussions” on the Arab-Israeli conflict. But the words she chooses belies her claim to be “an activist for peace and justice.” She is nothing of the sort. As I've demonstrated previously (see my letter in the May 21, 2014 Republican), she is a propagandist for the Arab cause — nothing less, and certainly nothing more.

Let’s debate both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict


To the editor: I'd like to thank my neighbors who showed up to hear the presentation by Alison Weir, founder of If Americans Knew, an organization dedicated to peace with justice and an end to Palestinian oppression and US complicity in it through our support of Israel.

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LETTER: Join American Legion Auxiliary Unit 188 on Memorial Day

To the editor: Memorial Day is the day Americans set aside to honor those brave men and women who met tragic ends during times of war. We must use this day to honor their sacrifices, to pray for their families, and to bow our heads in recognition of their service. We must never forget.

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LETTER: Becallo responds on issue of deputy supervisor

To the editor: A few of Cicero Town Supervisor Jessica Zambrano’s friends have asked about my questioning whether a recent Cicero Town Board meeting led by Bill Meyer, who is not a Cicero Town Board member and is not an elected official, may have been an illegal meeting, and I am happy to respond.

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Letters to the editor: May 13 edition

Letters to the editor that ran in the May 13, 2015 edition of the Eagle Bulletin.

Thank you from Barclay Talbot’s parents


To the editor: Barclay’s ski accident happened on Feb. 11. We started to build Barclay’s support team the next day. It has been incredible seeing how many people and in how many different ways the support has come for our son (and us).

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LETTER: Becallo’s grandstanding doesn’t serve town

To the editor: At the Sept. 10, 2014, Cicero Town Board meeting, Councilor Mike Becallo read a prepared statement concerning the timeliness of the agenda. It included the statement: “We are elected officials whose job is to represent the people of this town. We need to keep open lines of communication.”

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LETTER: Why didn’t Becallo have issue with other deputy supervisors?

To the editor: At the April 22 Cicero Town Board meeting, Supervisor Jessica Zambrano was absent and Deputy Supervisor Bill Meyer presided. Councilor Mike Becallo challenged the legality of that meeting. He stated that he did some research and could not “find it anywhere in the town code that establishes the position of deputy supervisor of the town of Cicero.”

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LETTER: Lysander Union Cemetery in need of community assistance

To the editor: Lysander Union Cemetery exists because every life is worth loving and remembering always and forever.

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LETTER: Thanks to St. Mary’s Academy

To the editor: Our two children attend St. Mary’s Academy in Baldwinsville. They have both been with the school since pre-K. It has been a very wonderful journey where they have flourished spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and socially.


Dewitt Community Library asks voters to approve budget proposition To the editor: For the 2015 Budget Proposition on the May 19 ballot, the Dewitt Community Library is seeking an additional $52,429, or a 4 percent increase over the 2014 tax levy. If approved, the tax rate for a family with a home valued at $100,000 would be approximately $85.28, or an increase of about $3.28. This additional funding will be used exclusively to support the library’s building project.

Proposed religious release time revision ignored study group recommendations


To the editor: I'd like to correct an error, which appears in an article posted on cazenoviarepublican.com on April 27 (“School Board Offers First Reading of Proposed Religious Release Time Policy”). ... A list of recommendations was drawn up at the fourth and final meeting of the study group on March 4. There were originally 10 recommendations proposed, none of which came from any member of the BOE or any of the district's administrators.

Rotary thanks community for supporting recent scrap metal and food drive


To the editor: On behalf of the Cazenovia Rotary Club, I would like to thank the community for supporting our recent scrap metal and food drive we held on April 11. The event brought in more than $500 worth of scrap metal and food donations. The donations will used to support the “Feed Our Vets” food pantry which is a organization that provides food for veterans in need.