Letters to the Editor


Cuomo and GEA endanger student opportunities


To the editor: In the short time I have been part of the Cazenovia school community, I have come to recognize what a special place this is for kids. I have also come to realize the endangered nature of the many opportunities our students enjoy. The threat to student opportunity in Cazenovia exists because of a state aid funding formula that for years has been both inadequate and inequitable.

LETTER: Bob Smith - A leader when it comes to long term planning for our community

County Legislator Jim Corl Jr. is pleased to see that the Cicero Town Board recently re-appointed Bob Smith as the chair of the planning board.

LETTER: Board’s treatment of former dog warden vindicated — and taxpayers will pay for it

Former Lysander town councilor Russ Johnson weighs in on suit by the town's former dog warden.

Don’t let Cazenovia become a tourist trap


To the editor: It deeply disturbs me that all four of the Cazenovia area business grants just awarded will greatly increase tourism. Residents of our village and town will lose a quality of life we cherish. Gone will be our quaint little village. Cazenovia will become a tourist trap with hundreds of visitors crowding our sidewalks and their cars and buses clogging our streets. Is this what we want?

LETTER: Town of Cicero should choose new planning board chair

To the editor: I commend the courage of The Eagle Star-Review to report the Cicero Board of Ethics’ decision that Supervisor Zambrano’s conduct did “constitute a conflict of interest.”

Owera Vineyards: Misled and ill-placed


To the editor: Despite our love of agriculture, from day one we were concerned about the “vineyard coming to town.” As owners of a farm in Cazenovia, albeit not a vineyard, our agricultural experience told us immediately that a landholding the size of Owera would never be able to sustain itself as a vineyard. So what was the true intent? We found that out in the summer of 2013. As the largest landholding abutting Owera, we went from the “quiet enjoyment” of our farm to bright lights and loud city. No more sitting outside late at night and watching the stars.

Thanks to Project Café for great toy shop


To the editor: I want to extend a tremendous thank you to Project Cafe for the Toy Shop they held this past weekend at Burton Street.

High school student says: Religious/activity period is important


To the editor: Recently, many locals have been concerned about the school’s use of time dedicated to religion and Activity Period. The controversy is whether or not the religious education of the students should be taken out of the school day. Many students choose to stay in activity period instead of participating in religion. This may be because the house of worship of their religion is not available in Cazenovia or because they feel their time is better used to finish other schoolwork. I feel that getting rid of religion and activity period is a poor idea.

LETTER: Attend meetings, form your own opinion

To the editor: Over the last few weeks, we have read various views on the Lysander Town Board meetings and some of the councilors’ wishes to change the way meeting minutes are kept. I have attended a vast majority of the work sessions and board meetings since January 2011, ran for town office on two occasions and have recently become a member of the Lysander Republican Committee after petitioning this past summer for the position. I feel that a more neutral position and summation needs to be written.

LETTER: Canton Woods extends gratitude to community

To the editor: Baldwinsville is an incredibly generous community. In addition to municipal support, Canton Woods Senior Center receives support from local businesses and service organizations throughout the year.

LETTER: Thanks for tree lighting support

To the editor: The Greater Baldwinsville Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the businesses and people who contributed in making the Dec. 6 annual tree lighting a success.

LETTER: Town clerk responds to minutes issue

To the editor: As the elected town clerk of the town of Lysander, I find it extremely important to respond to a recent article in the Baldwinsville Messenger entitled “Lysander town officials squabble over meeting minutes.” I want to assure the people of Lysander that the minutes that I prepare of any and all town board meetings accurately reflect what transpired at those meetings.

LETTER: Diamond responds to minutes article

To the editor: Many of you, I’m sure, have read the recent article that appeared in the Baldwinsville Messenger entitled “Lysander town officials squabble over meeting minutes.” As one of your elected town councilors I felt compelled to respond.

LETTER: Thanks for supporting the Marching Bees

To the editor: On Nov. 27, the Baldwinsville Central School District Marching Band had the privilege of representing Baldwinsville, Central New York and the entire state of New York in the 2014 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This great honor would not have been possible without the support of the Baldwinsville community, as well as the surrounding CNY communities.

Protect Cazenovia’s town ethics and zoning laws


Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014, at 7:30 p.m., a public hearing will be held during the monthly meeting of this very same planning board where the discussion will, once again, be focused on an application submitted by the developer to build an even bigger event center. Please plan to attend this public hearing and make the members of the board abide by the very same laws to which they were sworn into office to uphold.