Letters to the Editor


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From the mailbag: Cicero VFD thanks first responders for help in fatal crash

To the editor: Chief Ronald Florczykowski and the members of the Cicero Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank those who assisted with the motor vehicle accident that happened on Friday, Sept. 18, at the intersection of Route 31 and Interstate 81 (south bound on-ramp).

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From the mailbag: Cicero needs a responsible budget, not what’s been proposed

To the editor: I am writing in response to Deb Gardner’s Letter to the Editor from last week.  Ms. Gardner, who is a good personal friend of Supervisor Zambrano, appears to not understand why I do not support the current proposed town budget, and I am happy to answer her questions.

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From the mailbag: Common sense lacking in Lysander

To the editor: In regards to the commemoration of the signing of the United States Constitution, one of the great documents ever written, on Sept. 17, 1787, I offer these thoughts.

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From the mailbag: Book collection turning into an eyesore

To the editor: It looks like the green book collection box in Tops Plaza on Downer Street has become a dumping ground for trash, TVs, computers, etc.

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From the mailbag: NWFD thanks the voters

To the editor: The North West Fire District (NWFD) Board of Commissioners would like to thank the residents of the district for coming out to vote on Sept. 22. 

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From the mailbag: Demonstrating professionalism is not a lack of leadership

To the editor: When the editorial in this newspaper that appeared two weeks ago lambasted members of the Lysander Town Board for insulting and childish behavior towards one another, it also criticized me as equally guilty for not showing leadership in thwarting such behavior.

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FROM THE MAILBAG: Szczesniak for legislature

To the editor: Seventy years ago, World War II came to a welcomed close and so ended the military duty of millions of fine servicemen and women. Although we were no longer fighting on foreign battlefields, our service continued at home as U.S. veterans.As defenders of our nation and its freedoms, veterans share a special bond. We want the best for our families and our communities. That is why I am voting for Ed Szczesniak this November.

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FROM THE MAILBAG: Does Becallo really intend to work on the budget?

To the editor: I wonder about the sincerity of Councilor Becallo’s letter to the editor in the Sept. 23 Star-Review. The budget was discussed at the Cicero Town Board meeting on Sept. 23, yet Mr. Becallo did not mention his committee at this meeting. Also, the budget process began in June; it is not just beginning. (Mr. Becallo was not at the June 5 budget workshop.) Who is on this committee? How did he recruit the members? Why did he not include his fellow councilors in this process?

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FROM THE MAILBAG: Shimer asks for your vote

To the editor: I am a proud Lysander resident, born and raised in one of the best places to live in Central New York, and I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to serve this community. I do so in honor of my father, who put his heart and soul into serving in local government.

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From the mailbag: Embarrassing loss for Reeves and Shimer

To the editor: In the aftermath of the primary election held on Sept. 10, it is reasonable to believe that unimaginable history was just made in our town. So many of you watched it unfold in amazement. The primary was for registered Conservatives, with the winners capturing the all-important “extra line” to represent the Conservative Party on the November ballot.

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FROM THE MAILBAG: Meet Lysander Town Board candidate Peter Moore

To the Editor: I am writing today to introduce myself as a candidate in the November election for the position of Lysander Town Council.

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From the mailbag: Don’t turn cemetery over to town

To the editor: I am not a taxpayer in the town of Lysander, as I do not live in the town. However, I was born and raised, graduated and lived in the town for more than 45 years, and most of my family still resides here. I went to the Lysander Town Board last year during budget time to ask for money to be put in the 2015 budget specifically for the Lysander Union Cemetery.

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From the mailbag: Becallo announces formation of citizen advisory committee

To the editor: The Cicero Town Board is now beginning the budget process for 2016. To assist me with this important process, I am forming a Citizens Advisory Committee, composed of Cicero residents and business owners, to advise me of their concerns and ideas pertaining to the budget.

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FROM THE MAILBAG: Website full of information on EEE

To the editor: Onondaga County does its very best to update the public on health concerns. Despite our best efforts, mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases are an issue in our region. Being informed about protection from mosquito bites is extremely important.

The Democrats will decide this


To the editor: A week ago I became a Democrat. Oct. 8 is the deadline to switch your party affiliation and thus play a meaningful role in selecting the one whom our magnificent Empire State will anoint on Nov. 8 in the general presidential election. At the risk of appearing irreverent of our nation's venerable electoral mechanisms, I'll here suggest that if the Democrats can be expected to carry New York state, and especially if the GOP continues its disintegration before our eyes, then only New Yorkers who become Democrats before Oct. 8 will contribute meaningfully to the election.