LETTER: Venesky thanks voters

To the editor: I would like to thank all of the people in the town of Cicero who supported me in my campaign for town councilor.

EDITORIAL: Election is just the beginning for board

The results of the recent election will mean a number of new people will be taking office on the Skaneateles town board, it as a victorious campaign, but their work is far from over.

The audacity of Owera


There are many items of interest we could opine on this week: the impressive athleticism of our high school athletes, the results of the recent election, the inspiring actions of two of our Cazenovia police officers — but we feel compelled to comment once more on the situation with Owera Vineyards and its appearance before the town planning board last week. How can the Muserlians even conceive of a situation in which the planning board would reward them with more freedom after repeatedly ignoring local laws and regulations?

Don’t waste your vote by not voting


Election Day is coming up fast, and the town of Cazenovia has five positions up for election as well as ballot propositions to extend the supervisor’s term of office and to change the town clerk from an elected to an appointed position. As our readers are most likely aware, the seats for town supervisor, town board, town clerk and town justice are all uncontested — but this should not be a reason to avoid voting on Nov. 5.

Too much voting in Skaneateles?


In theory, the more chances for residents of a community to have their voices heard via a vote, the better the government can be “for the people,” but is there such a thing as too much?

Much is in store for lead-up to election

This year is an important one for anyone concerned with local government and looking to make a choice that they feel will benefit the community. On Nov. 5 the residents of Cicero, Clay and Salina will elect new town officers.

Vote ‘yes’ on NSCSD referendum

There is no compelling argument against voting for the upcoming referendum to replace the turf and running track at the Michael J. Bragman Athletic Complex at Cicero-North Syracuse High School, as well as make repairs to the field’s drainage system and upgrades to the high school’s security system. The project will cost a total of $2,020,000. The local share of $302,000 would come out of the district’s C-NS Athletic Complex Reserve Fund, which was approved by district voters on Oct. 14, 1998, according to Assistant Superintendent for Management Donald Keegan.

LETTER: What a bundle!

To the editor: "Bundling" may be a good way to save money on your phone, TV and internet bill, but it's yet another subterfuge by the North Syracuse school board, who would have the taxpayers believe that classroom security and refurbishing the athletic field and stadium are somehow related.

The college is part of our community


We have been thinking in recent weeks that despite the fact that we are a “college town” there seems to be a large disconnect between the college and the village communities. And this really should not be so.

COLUMN: Banned Books

Each year the American Library Association (ALA) celebrates the freedom to read during Banned Book Week. Observed since 1982, this annual ALA event reminds Americans not to take this precious democratic freedom for granted. This year marks BBW's 31st anniversary (Sept. 22 to 28). Exercise your freedom to read (and not just during Banned Book Week) with these historic and recently banned books.

Much is in store for lead up to election


Editorial on the local election from the Oct. 2 edition of the Skaneateles Press.

LETTER: Tax money not going to kids in North Syracuse

To the editor: On Thursday, Sept. 12, I attended the second JV football game, Cicero-North Syracuse vs. Liverpool. The game was called during the second quarter because of electrical problems. There was almost a sense of relief. LHS had already scored 28 points. The first JV game went the same way. This is not the coaches’ or athletes’ fault.

LETTER: Cicero needs to focus on the future

To the editor: I am writing a response to the Sept. 18 letter from Mr. Dudzinski (“Zambrano’s record not one of development”), wherein he indicates he is responding to my prior letter, yet he seems to have had his own agenda. I made no statements on misuse of appointments by deputy supervisors and I made no comments or implications about prior administrations. Restating my words here would be fruitless. What is important is that we have an important election in early November and we residents of Cicero need to focus on today and the future.

EDITORIAL: School closure needs to be discussed now

Skaneateles Press editorial on considering closing one of the Skaneateles schools.

First amendment rights


Editorial on first amendment rights and political signs from the Sept. 18 edition of the Skaneateles Press.