Along the Lakeshore: Horned grebes on the lake; an idea to save the county money

Along the Lakeshore column from the Jan. 15 of the Skaneateles Press.

Music with meaning resonates in every heart

Protest songs have enlivened the musical landscape since at least the 18th century when an anonymous British “lady” published a pioneering feminist tune called “The Rights of Women” sung to the tune of “God Save the King.” Songs promoting social justice, racial equality and peace continue to raise the consciousness of listeners and to inspire activism.

Along the Lakeshore: catching a cold, beagling, new recliner

Along the Lakeshore column from the Jan. 8 edition.

Forty years of feeding the hungry

The worldwide oil crisis lingered. Lee Alexander was still mayor of Syracuse, John Mulroy was still Onondaga County executive, and Richard Nixon was still president of the United States. The year was 1974, and Bob and Linda Jackson embarked on a mission of community service which they continue to this day. The kindly couple, who live on Ridgecrest Drive in North Syracuse, have been volunteering for 40 years now for North Area Meals on Wheels (NAMOW).

Along the Lakeshore: holiday decorations


Along the Lakeshore column from the Jan. 1, 2014 edition of the Skaneateles Press.

Community members invited to join Cazenovia Lions Club


The Cazenovia Lions Club is one of the area’s leading service organizations. The strength of the club is based on a membership of men and women dedicated to community service. The club is currently seeking to increase its membership to be of greater service to the community. To have potential members meet with Lions, the Lions Club is holding a mixer from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 16, in the Morgan Room at Cazenovia College’s dining facility.

Kicking off the New Year right

It is that time of year again — time to “set New Year’s resolutions,” “get in shape,” “work on the waist line,” “go on a diet,” “start fresh,” whatever you want to call it, most people feel the need to reevaluate their habits in January after all the holiday hoopla is over. Usually diet and exercise habits rank high on the list of “needs improvement.” On Jan. 1 (or maybe Jan. 2), the “hard core dieters” and the “gung-ho gym members” begin their quest. They sweat, grunt, groan, “give up carbs” and step on the scale every day. A month later, most of them find themselves exhausted, sore, injured, hungry, deprived, miserable and frustrated (maybe even a few other adjectives). They may or may not be in better shape or weigh less. If you plan on trying this approach, please reconsider. If you want long lasting success and really want to feel better emotionally and physically, please try this approach…

Chiefs cover the bases; Time turns 90

Jason Smorol, the new Syracuse Chiefs general manager who lives in Liverpool, really seems to have the old International League ballclub swinging for the fences. Just in time for the Christmas shopping rush, he forged a deal with Destiny USA to set up a Holiday Kiosk located in the New Canyon area by Cantina Laredo and The Melting Pot to sell season tickets and souvenirs.

A look back at Salina in 2013

As we look back on the year 2013 in the town of Salina, let’s take this time to review some key events that happened throughout this year.

Along the Lakeshore: Dec. 25

Along the Lakeshore column from the Dec. 25 edition of the Skaneateles Press.

Sanity at South Jefferson

Top basketball coach returns; will we learn from it?

This was getting all too familiar. Again a successful, accomplished high school coach in Central New York was getting scrutiny from his employer. Again the coach’s future was put in jeopardy. Again a large part of the community organized itself in support of the coach.

Along the Lakeshore: Dec. 18

Cold weather, heated walkways, fighter planes

Along the Lakeshore column from the Dec. 18 edition of the Skaneateles Press.

A Civil War Christmas letter home

opinion column

With the holiday season in full swing, sometimes we focus on the hustle and bustle and lose sight of what is truly important. I am as guilty as the next person of this and when transcribing a series of letters recently, I came across a Christmas letter from a Civil War soldier to his sister shortly before Christmas in 1862. It reminded me of all the reasons the holidays are special and that these times should be cherished.

‘Hello Dolly’ took Satchmo by surprise

It was February 1964 and the great trumpeter and song stylist Louis Armstrong was in Puerto Rico preparing for a show. Armstrong received a long-distance phone call from his manager in New York City, Joe Glaser, who instructed the artist to add the band’s new hit song to their nightly repertoire. “Any you guys remember this damn tune?” Louis asked his musicians. Fifty years ago, on Dec. 3, 1963, Armstrong and his All-Stars had recorded a song at the request of a theatrical producer who wanted a single to hype a new musical scheduled to open in early 1964. A musical version of a play “The Matchmaker” called “Hello Dolly” was an immediate Broadway hit.

County residents can save on prescriptions with Pro-Act card

Onondaga County is one of the counties across 10 states that has committed to helping lower prescription drug costs for underinsured residents. Onondaga County’s relationship with the Pro-Act Prescription Discount card began in 2007. Since then, residents have saved more than $21 million on prescription drugs. The goal of the program is to ensure that Onondaga County residents with little or no prescription drug coverage can obtain their medications at a reasonable price.