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Baldwinsville History Mystery: Do you know anything about this picture?

Take a good look at this photo. What is the group of bystanders looking at? See if you know where the photo was taken; it’s a place many of us pass daily. Can you give two uses for the taller building in the center of the picture?

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Canton Woods Senior Center: Start your holiday season with a tree lighting celebration

This holiday season, join in the events at Canton Woods and in the Baldwinsville Community. You will enjoy and fun and festive month.

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Library focus: Celebrate Raggedy Ann’s 100th birthday at BPL

What did you play with when you were young — balls, games, dolls … firetrucks? Or were you one of the gamers dedicating your time to joysticks and keyboards? Whatever you chose, the toys of your childhood helped shape the person you are today.

LIVIN' IN LIVERPOOL: Former Hicks house for sale

One of the most spectacular 19th century buildings in the village —the columned cobblestone edifice erected by Liverpool businessman Jonathan Hicks in 1854 — is now for sale.

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Remembering Clay: Australians visit great great-grandfather’s homestead

About three and a half years ago, I received an email from Terry Patterson of Australia asking me if I had any information on a Hiram Sharp. Sharp was born in Clay, fought in the Patriot’s War in 1838, was captured by the British, eventually sent to the penal colony in Australia and never came back to America. Hiram was Patterson’s wife Margaret’s great great-grandfather.

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NOPL news: You can borrow what from the library?

Besides the thousands of books, DVDs, video games, magazines, and other typical library items you’d expect to find at the Northern Onondaga Public Libraries (NOPL), there are also lots of “unusual items” you can borrow. It is NOPL’s mission to “connect our members to information, ideas and imagination,” and this goes beyond providing a great selection of things to read.

Movie Review: A Better Bond – A review of ‘Spectre’

James Bond has grown up. Actually that can be said of all four of the installments starring Daniel Craig, but the statement most definitely applies here. This is NOT your father’s James Bond. This is a Bond more in tune with the discerning action adventure fans of the 2000s.

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The Book Beat: New releases

These just in. Here’s a selection of books released by well-known and popular authors that you’ll want to read. From mysteries to satire and a trip to Wonderland, these stories will no doubt hit the bestseller lists.

Column: For the love of pie

In the springtime, our thoughts may turn to love but in autumn, they turn to pie — at least mine do. Sweet or savory, pie is an ancient dish, known at least as far back as the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians Even the most authoritative references are vague as to the origin of the word “pie,” so I feel competent to leap into the gap with my own associations.

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Poem in honor of Veterans Day: Ambush: 1969

The following poem was written about Lt. John Marsh, USN Seal Team 1, and his action in Vietnam which resulted in wounds so serious his career was ended. The poet, Tom Hayes, created the work from bits and pieces of conversation and stories between him and Marsh in Cazenovia.

Plutonic relationships

Blunt Belle Column

Since when can’t a guy be friends with a girl, without wanting more? And since when can a girl want to be friends with a guy, without wanting more? It’s difficult for people in relationships to trust each other enough to have these boundaries. No one wants their girlfriend going out to chat with a guy, in a small town, because as we all know, gossip will spread.

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NOPL News: Join us for International Games Day

NOPL @ North Syracuse will join more than a thousand libraries around the world on Nov. 21 for the eighth annual celebration of gaming in libraries — International Games Day.

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Prepare for winter at upcoming training session

As winter draws near, it’s important to prepare ourselves for what the season might bring. Storms in recent years have brought unprecedented amounts of snow, freezing rain, high winds and extreme temperatures. Here in Onondaga County, those conditions can be harmful, causing power outages, endangering walkways and interrupting essential services. That’s why I encourage all to attend the upcoming Citizen Preparedness Training I’m hosting with the American Red Cross.

LIVIN' IN LIVERPOOL: Bagpipers bring music back to the White Water Pub

The brazen peal of bagpipes rang out on South Willow Street from the White Water Pub last Thursday evening. The melodic buzzing could be heard distinctly throughout the village business district.

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HISTORY MYSTERY: Do you know anything about this picture?

This local historic marker has been in place since 1938. Its honoree is an active part of the Baldwinsville community yet today.