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LIBRARY FOCUS: Staying healthy in your golden years

After a lifetime of work, retirees face an entirely new set of challenges. How can they keep healthy, happy and engaged in the so-called “golden” years?

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Want to go to college for free? Check this out!

For students who love to solve problems, want to make the world a better place and constantly wonder about how things work, a career in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) field can be an attractive option.

Driscoll thanks supporters for election


To the editor: I want to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to the whole Cazenovia community for their support and trust in me to allow me the privilege to continue as a town councilman.

Movie review: Holiday movies to look forward to

The holiday season is second only to the blockbuster summer season as box office gold. Some of the hottest movies of the year will make it onto the big screen over the next eight weeks. Here are a few to look forward to:

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First ever Manlius Chamber of Commerce Pizza Cook-off was a success

Come try ‘Not-cho Pizza’ at Uno Pizzeria in Fayetteville through Nov. 8

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to be a “Celebrity Chef” for the first ever Pizza Cook-Off at Uno Pizzeria in Fayetteville, an event sponsored by the Greater Manlius Chamber of Commerce.

Column: The blind watchmen

Why do we listen to "them?" The "them" in this case being the critics, the people who set themselves up as the filters through which the rest of are supposed to choose what we read, what we watch and to whom we pay attention. It was only due to a friend's insistence that I read Harper Lee's new bestseller, "Go Set a Watchman," which is, in my opinion, a masterpiece.

Movie review: Now we’re cookin’ – Cooper sizzles in ‘Burnt’

Adam Jones is predictably arrogant, confident and masterful. And he’s a world-class chef. When the movie “Burnt” opens, though, he’s at the tail end of a self-imposed penance for his own shortcomings while he was studying in France. It was at that time that he made a lot of friends into enemies.

Saving strays brings a reward worth the risk

Blunt Belle Column

Bizmark, Oliver, Schatzi, Blue, Walnut, Duncan, Cali, George, Prince, Pita, Lady, Dice, Penny, Indy, Epiphany, Jake, Max, Bruin and Colt are only a few of the names of animals that were rescued by people … and at the same time, rescued those people as well. When we, as humans, need guidance and comfort, it’s often that we find it humbling and embarrassing to talk to others. That is where we find love and restfulness in animals.

In the Earth: Fall clean-up 2015

This year, we have had two hard frosts here in Manlius before the majority of the leaves have fallen. This has rapidly separated the tender perennials, which are rapidly turning to mush or dried brown sticks, from those who don’t much care about a bit of cold. The grass, however, is still growing fairly vigorously.

CPF thanks all for successful Walk Among the Spirits


To the editor: More than 300 intrepid visitors toured Cazenovia’s Evergreen Cemetery for Cazenovia Preservation Foundation’s second annual Walk Among the Spirits. Nine colorful ghosts shared the stories of their lives and how they came to contribute to Cazenovia’s rich history.

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EDITORIAL: Help us pick a winner for the Beaver Lake photo contest

For the last two months, we at the Baldwinsville Messenger have been accepting photographs as part of our inaugural Celebrate Fall Photo Contest, held in conjunction with Beaver Lake Nature Center. We’ve received over 100 entries that capture the beauty of Beaver Lake as summer faded into autumn, leaves blazing and geese flying. We’d like to thank the photographers, both amateur and professional, who shared their work with us and wish them luck as we move into the judging phase of our contest.

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Baldwinsville History Mystery: Do you know anything about this picture?

Trees were not yet ready to leaf out when this photo was taken circa 1905. Bundled up against the early spring chill, the men in the photo were anticipating the new planting season. The area where the soil has been turned over is not very large. Do you recognize the equipment and can you name the crop that will be planted here?

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LETTER: Threats to church based on foolishness

To the editor: I was heartened to see that you placed the article “Word of Life faces threats” on the front page of the Messenger (Oct. 21).

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LIBRARY FOCUS: Now’s a great time to curl up with a book — or an e-book

The dark days are here, my friends. Most of us are rolling out of bed before sunrise and returning home in darkness. Like it or not, winter is coming, and not just on HBO. This is all the more reason to stock up at our book sale for those days when the couch and your favorite blanket seem like the only refuge. There will be lots to choose from including lots of 1980s and ‘90s musical favorites to fuel nostalgia or instruct the uninitiated.

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FROM THE LEGISLATURE: Fiscal responsibility is the theme of the 2016 county budget

For the fourth straight year, at the October session, my colleagues and I approved a fiscally prudent budget featuring reduced county property taxes. Over those same four years, we’ve decreased the property tax levy by $9 million dollars, maintained one of New York’s top bond ratings and have continuously invested in physical and economic infrastructure.