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LIVIN' IN LIVERPOOL: You know it’s summer when they’re rockin’ at The Retreat

The popular dinning and drinking establishment on the corner of Vine and First streets hosts Prime Time with soulful singer Paul Valentino, who lives in Liverpool, from 7 to 10 p.m. on Thursday, June 25, and again on July 7.

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EDITORIAL: Village voter turnout dismal

Last week’s election results were pretty disappointing. We’re certainly not lamenting the candidates who were elected into office. No, we’re more concerned with the dismal voter turnout in both the village of Liverpool and the village of North Syracuse, where less than a fifth of registered voters made their way to the polls.

Thanks for a successful Father Daughter Dance


To the editor: On Friday, June 5, many had a wonderful evening, filled with laughter and love at the Father Daughter Dance, sponsored by the Cazenovia Community Preschool. We are so grateful for the support of all the dads who set aside a few hours for their girls.

In the Earth Column: Why biofuels?

For decades, the alternatives to fossil fuel have been nuclear energy, hydroelectric dams, geothermal energy, solar panels, wind power and biofuels. All but the last entry in this list do not release carbon dioxide into the air. They are non-polluting sources of energy. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Movie review- This ain’t no Mickey Mouse park – ‘Jurassic World’

For a long time there, I thought the “Jurassic Park” franchise was as extinct as its subject matter. Of course Hollywood will never let an idea completely die. Yet rather than reboot this franchise, it is being redirected, picking up a few years after the storyline of the first three movies.

Guest column- That awkward part of seeing your doctor: Testicular cancer screening

The leading cause of cancer among men age 15 to 34 is testicular cancer. Fortunately, this form of cancer is curable. Even when discovered at the advanced stages, it is nearly 100 percent curable.

LCH thanks community for successful Landowner’s Party


To the editor: As a master of foxhounds of the Limestone Creek Hunt, I want to publicly thank the community and especially our hosts, the Coughlin family of Crosswinds Farm, for producing another wonderful Limestone Creek Hunt Landowner’s Party on June 6. This event recognizes the contributions of the landowners who allow LCH to traverse their lands and to continue our 76-year-old tradition of mounted foxhunting (actually “fox viewing”) in Central New York. Without the support of landowners this tradition would not be able to continue.

Editorial: Manlius residents need to be involved in planning board reduction decision

Last week, the Manlius Town Board voted 4-3 to draft a local law that would reduce the number of seats on the planning board from seven to five. Before the local law can be adopted, the town board must hold a public hearing for citizens to voice their opinions about the law.

Thanks from the Class of 2017


To the editor: Cazenovia High School’s Class of 2017 would like to send a warm thank you to the Community and to the Cazenovia Volunteer Fire Dept. for their participation in the Color Run event Sunday, June 7.

Understanding the 2015 village budget


The village board has had inquiries about this year’s budget, tax rate and overall levy. Our goal is always absolute transparency and effective communication with the public we serve, so this column is intended to explain the 2015 process and final outcome.

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Letters to the Editor: Week of June 17

Thanks to Oran Community Church

Column: The somber topic of the living will

Every medical office visit seems to involve asking whether or not you have a "living will." In my case, the answer, until recently, has been "no." It is a somber topic, but it keeps coming up.

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Historic North Syracuse: Do you know anything about this picture?

Pictured here, an accident at the corner of Church Street and South Bay Road. In the background are the former trolley station and the former trolley car barn, as well as Hamilton’s coal shed, which later burned down. Can you identify the baseball players? Background structures (left to right): former trolley station, former trolley car barn, Hamilton’s coal shed (later burned down). Do you know anything about this photo? Can you identify any of the people or provide an exact date? If you can, email the editor at editor@eaglestarreview.com.

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Honoring New York’s women veterans

In June of 1948, President Harry S Truman signed into law the Women’s Armed Services Act and in doing so ensured that women, not just men, would have the opportunity to serve in our nation’s armed services. Sixty-seven years later, female soldiers make up an increasingly large portion of the military — 14 percent of enlisted troops and 16 percent of commissioned officers. While this is a sign of progress, it also means we must take more steps to provide for these servicewomen as they transition back into civilian life.

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LETTER: NOPL @ Cicero says thanks for Strawberry Social

To the editor: The 30th annual Strawberry Social sponsored by the Friends of Northern Onondaga Public Library at Cicero was held on June 4. We wish to thank everyone who helped to make the evening a real success.