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Volunteer of the Month – February 2016

BJ Brang — Clear Path for Veterans

While the previous columns have featured the individual volunteer, and then defined which organization was the main beneficiary of that person’s efforts, this column is different. The story of Clear Path for Veterans is so compelling that in itself defines why its volunteers are so important.

Column: The unfairness of holidays

It seems as though everything is early this year — or rather February and March are busting up the remainder of winter.

Thanks for pancake breakfast support


To the editor: Cazenovia American Legion Post 88 would like to thank everyone who supported or in any way participated in the WinterFest Pancake Breakfast on Saturday Feb 6th.

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Our view: Beware the Zika virus?

The Onondaga County Health Department issued a notice last week urging county residents to be aware of the sudden rise of the Zika virus and to take strict precautions to prevent mosquito bites when traveling to prevent Zika virus infection. The department noted that recent Zika affected areas of concern include, but may not be limited to, Central America, South America, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Saddened by the passing of Dave Campbell


To the editor: We are saddened by the recent passing of Dave Campbell.

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LETTER: If enrollment is down, why are taxes going up?

To the editor: Just finished reading the column by Russ Tarby in the Star-Review about our high school taxes in the county [“Consensus kicks door open to future tax relief,” page 4, Feb. 3]. The one thing that was missing from the column was that, as taxpayers, we still continue to approve the school budgets that come up for a vote each year. Maybe it’s about time the taxpayers started voting down the budget and forced the school administrators and boards of education to find other ways to educate the kids that are more cost-effective.

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LETTER: Tarby gives unrealistic view of school taxes, demographics

To the editor: Reading Russ Tarby’s article, “Consensus kicks door open to future tax relief” [page 4, Feb. 3] one is lead to believe that the Liverpool school district “demands” money from its taxpayers and that those budget increases are somehow out of line with the district’s needs. Let’s take a closer look at the reality.

LIVIN' IN LIVERPOOL: Kimberly Hall keeps her cool in court

On Feb. 10, the Onondaga County Magistrates Court Clerk’s Association recognized Kim Hall’s efforts by swearing her in as one of its officers at its annual meeting at Bellevue Golf and Country Club. The ceremony was conducted by none other than Judge LaValle himself.

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Paid family leave good for families, the economy

Have you ever had to choose between caring for a loved one and working so you can pay the bills? It’s a painful decision that too many workers have had to make.

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NOPL NEWS: Pay library fines with food

Patrons often approach the service desk at NOPL, hand their library card to a staff member, and confess, “I think I owe something.” It’s not uncommon for someone to owe an overdue fee at the library. But for some, knowing a small fine is owed on their card is enough to keep them from coming back for a while.

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EDITORIAL: February is National Spay and Neuter Month

There’s no excuse to keep your pets unaltered. Unfortunately, according to a survey conducted by PetSmart Charities, nearly half of those who acquired pets last year still haven’t spayed or neutered them.

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Baldwinsville History Mystery: Do you know anything about this picture?

Obviously this is a photo of a band. Do you recognize any of the musicians? See if you can guess where the picture was taken and approximately what year.

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LETTER: A hearty thank-you to all

To the editor: On behalf of the B’ville Big Chill Planning Committee, we would like to thank everyone who supported the ninth annual B’ville Big Chill.

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: More resources, prevention efforts needed to combat heroin epidemic

It is well known that opioid and heroin addiction has increased throughout the nation in the last decade. 

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FROM THE ASSEMBLY: Your opinion matters to me

Every year at this time, I mail my Constituent Survey to every registered voter in the 129th District, which includes the city of Syracuse and the towns of Geddes and Van Buren. In addition to the survey, I also schedule Community Information Nights throughout the district so that I can hear directly from you about issues facing our lives, neighborhoods and the general community. This year the Van Buren Community Information Night will be held at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 25, at the Van Buren Town Hall.