Chapter 5: The Adventures of Frankie

Spring break

“FRANCIS, RONNIE, GET IN HERE!” Frankie’s father yelled out the front door.

The two kids were taking their sweet time wandering over from Scrawny’s house. When they finally walked through the door, inside Frankie’s parents were sitting in the living room looking as though they were ready to chew them out for something or other. For the life of him, Frankie couldn’t figure what they had done wrong.

“I just got off the phone with …” his father paused for effect.

Ronnie’s eyes grew to the size of Oreo cookies.

The elder Dwyer continued, “… your grandparents in Florida.”

Ronnie relaxed into the couch.

Mrs. Dwyer almost glared at Frankie’s best friend. “Is something wrong?” she asked, annoyed at Ronnie’s mannerisms. Even though he assured her otherwise, her maternal instincts kicked in and began to brew. Dad wasn’t taking notice of the side conversation.

“They want to fly the two of you to their house for spring break.” He beamed as if he were giving them this huge gift himself, but he was really just so excited for them. “This is a major gift for the two of you. Certainly you’re a couple of lucky kids. Your mom and I never got an opportunity like this at your age.”

The boys sat up straight and smiled, glanced at each other then back at Frankie’s dad. Could this be true? All the kids at school were going to be so jealous.

Mom dropped her hands on her knees, “Well aren’t ya gonna say anything?”

Ronnie jerked forward, “We’re gonna fly and everything?”

“And everything, even Disney World,” dad replied.

“Universal and Sea World, too?” Frankie nearly fell off the couch as he edged closer.

“Universal Studios, Sea World and the space center, too. That is, of course, if you stay out of trouble between now and then.” Mr. Dwyer enjoyed adding that little caveat.

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