Cazenovia school district cannot sustain itself


To the editor:

This letter is in regard to the upcoming budget vote and the future.

The Cazenovia Central School District simply cannot sustain itself. The way the district is laid out now without the needed growth factor of young families, it will not be able to continue without each year having higher and higher taxes for less educational quality. This is a vicious circle, as young families do not move here, and our younger population withers.

We have two solutions, to build middle class, moderately priced homes to attract this needed population, or join with another school district in the same boat. We also have to change the way we do business within the school.

For example: The district is self-insured. In the past it was cheaper to self insure as New York's health insurance costs were high. Now with the health insurance changes, it does not pay to be the insurance company, and we should contract with a health insurance company that takes the risk versus value spread over millions of individuals instead of just hundreds. Large corporations do risk versus cost comparison all the time and so should the school.

Another option, is to join with another district and combine the student population.

To do nothing will not work. We will continue to lose student population and eventually have to close.



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