LETTER: Thanks to NAVAC Ambulance crew, North Syracuse police

— LETTER: Thanks to NAVAC Ambulance crew, North Syracuse police

To the editor:

Two weeks ago, on an early Thursday morning, my brother-in-law Tony found his wife on the floor, sitting. She was unresponsive, no heartbeat, and as her son called her, “Smurf blue.” Tony laid her on the floor and started CPR. No response at all.

Their granddaughter, Jaiden, said, “Papa, I’m calling 911.”

Her papa said, “Don’t call, she is gone.”

But she proceeded with the call anyway.

NAVAC paramedics arrived, along with the North Syracuse police.

The wonderful paramedics revived her. On the way to the hospital, her heart stopped again. Paramedics used the paddles and brought her back a second time.

She was put on a respirator for one day, and she got aspiration pneumonia from aspirating body fluids into her lungs.

Ann Marie is home and recovering very well. She is a bit sore from the CPR, but very glad to be alive.

The North Syracuse policeman that stayed behind: what a great humanitarian you are. Our nieces, Jaiden and Briana, said, “He sat and talked to us to make us feel better, helped us put all the furniture back and even played with Mema’s dogs.” Both girls said, “He rocks!”

We know we have the best ambulance service in New York state. And to the North Syracuse police officer, you are one of a kind. Our heartfelt thank-you from all her family and friends doesn’t seem enough. But know we cherish each and every one of you.

Our brother Mickey is a volunteer with the Red Cross. He suggests that every household should know CPR. The Red Cross offers it for a minimal fee, and for parents with young children, CPR is much different for them than it is for an adult.





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