Republicans hold nominating convention

Katko Tapped to Challenge Maffei for 24th Congressional District

— The challenges for federal office seekers are many. We have a burgeoning national debt. For the first time in our history, our gross domestic product is exceeded by our debt. Our GDP is $16.2 trillion and our national debt is $17.3 trillion.

Our education system is being ravaged by persons seeking political fulfillment, not genuine concern for our future. This is true of both the national and state governments. Returning control to career educators and removing demagogy from the discussions will go a long way toward returning excellence to the classrooms. Both state and federal programs need to be reduced and local educators need to have greater control.

Every part of the Bill of Rights is important. We cannot continue to punish honest citizens for the actions of the criminals. Ill-considered legislation is worse than no legislation. Pandering for votes by scare tactics is unconscionable. The first amendment and second amendment are as important as any of the others. We need to reinforce the values of freedom to those who would give them away in the name of vote gathering. We cannot sacrifice our freedoms or we’ll never get the freedoms back.

We need fair and equitable taxation to support our government. We do not need to pay for whimsical programs that are based on making the bureaucrats appear to be doing something, while taxing families trying to raise children in this depressed economy. Certainly, there is a better way than burying us with debt from taxation to the point where higher education is no longer feasible for our children without accumulating life-long debt.

The candidates have collectively identified many of our current issues. The key to resolving them is working with both parties to achieve what is best for the people. We have had more than enough of “what’s good for the party.” It must be what’s good for the country. This slate of candidates seems to understand that basic truth. We won’t really know if the messages are received until the fall election.

Patrick Ryan is a Dewitt Republican Committee Member

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