Chapter 8: The Adventures of Frankie

Bad hair day

Frankie’s dad ruffled his hair as he walked by the breakfast table, “Get’n a little long there kid.”

A flat spot on one side from sleeping on a wet head, Frankie pushed aside the curls so he could see his Fruit Loops.

“I want you to take your brother to the barber shop to get a haircut after school. I know, I know, your mom always takes you to the beauty shop place. She can’t this time. She’s gotta work every night this week.”

As if they were twins, the boys dropped their spoons at the same time and stared at their dad in disbelief. That place is scary!

“Relax you two. This will be fine. Don’t look at me that way!”

Frankie and his little brother took their sweet time strolling to the barbershop. Floyd Eugene Dwyer had been going to the same barber since he was a kid. And Frankie was sure of that when they stepped inside the door. The old shop was only a few blocks from their house, but it was like a time machine threw them back a hundred years! Frankie looked back over his shoulder, out the door. Their mom’s beauty shop was just on the other side of the street, but they were forbidden from crossing the busy highway that led straight into the village. An old fashion bell clanged as the door slammed shut, surely the years of dust layered over its tarnished finish long since muffled the once pleasant ring that announced the arrival of customers. A couple of creepy old guys looked up from their magazines then went back to reading. The place smelled of cleaning supplies mixed with nicotine that coated everything, even though no one had smoked there in years.

The old man cutting hair looked them up and down as he reached into a tall jar filled with blue Kool-Aid and combs. Tapping it on the side of the counter then wiping it off on an old rag before dragging it over the little bit of hair left on his customers head, he said, “You Floyd’s boys?” Not waiting for an answer he pointed to a line of chairs along the wall, “Sit over there.” Frankie’s little brother’s eyes never blinked and remained glued to the scary old man with even less hair then their father.

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