Chapter 6: The Adventures of Frankie

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Both hands gripping the wheelbarrow, sleep still thick in his head, Frankie twisted to wipe an eye on his sleeve. Never excited about getting up early on a Saturday morning, but for a new bicycle, right now he’d do just about anything. In just a few moments he had a blanket spread out on Scrawny’s front lawn with his Pokemon books laid out and a wheelbarrow full of stuffed animals, ready for the first customer. His mom was up well past him the night before and now here she was looking all chipper at a table next to him piled high with stuff that had been collecting in their basement for nearly a year.

Frankie was the pied piper of garage sales, every kid broke tow with their mom to dive headfirst into the stuffed animals or get lost in the wheeling and dealing of Pokemon.

Long before Mrs. Scrawny, that’s what Ronnie’s buddies call his mom, would close up shop, Frankie was out of everything! That’s when he overheard a man making a deal with Mr. Scrawny for their old lawnmower. It seemed the man didn’t have enough money so he offered to write a check. That gave Frankie an idea and he was off like a shot.

“Dad!” he yelled as the screen door stretched to the limit of its hinges then sprang closed. “I know how we can get my new bike right now!” Frankie dropped a bunch of wadded up dollar bills on the counter where Dad was making a sandwich then spilled coins all over the place.

“That’s a great start, but I think you’re gonna need a little more than that.”

“We don’t need money, just write a check!” His beaming face was red from running up the street.

Dad had to cover his mouth to hold back a laugh. “Tell you what, you count this pile of loot and I’ll make you some lunch.”

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