Fighting heroin

And other opioid addictions

For Baldwinsville native Micah Wood, 20, the need to get clean finally became evident when he sat in a jail cell for the first time. He had been using heroin, among other drugs, for about a year and half at that point, and on Nov. 23, while high and without remembering, he was arrested for criminal mischief, resisting arrest and assault and held at the Onondaga County Justice Center.

“There comes a point in time where you’re just sick of the same old crap and sick of regressing instead of progressing,” said Wood, who started smoking pot at age 10. “The first time I made the decision to stop, I couldn’t. I stopped doing harder drugs like pills and cocaine and ecstasy. I’d pretty much just smoke and drink, but eventually the smoking and drinking isn’t enough and you want more. That’s what ended up happening, just saying ‘screw it,’ and [I] ended up doing the things I didn’t want to do.”

On Jan. 23, Wood checked in to the Watertown-based Credo Community Center for the Treatment of Addictions, Inc. There, he continues to receive inpatient treatment and has been sober for six months now. Upon graduation, he’ll go to a halfway house for up to six months. Then, he said, he’ll start life from scratch.

Relapse, therapists say, is part of the recovery process. Prior to his admission at Credo, Wood had tried on several occasions to stop using drugs — on his own and with both inpatient and outpatient clinics — but he wasn’t ready.

“I think there’s a difference between realizing you need help and actually wanting to change,” he said. “And I realized that I needed help when I was probably 16.”

Central New York has several treatment options for people who have become dependent on drugs and want their life back. Two unique programs are located right in the heart of Syracuse at Crouse Hospital and Upstate Medical University.

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