The cost of success in small business


To the editor:

Eight years, and a blink of an eye: a baby, a brain tumor and a few other notable life events later, here we are.

Circa has employed your children, your friends, your friends' children and your children’s friends — you name ’em, they have been welcome here, usually (but not always) to the delight of my customers.

Owning and operating this small business in Cazenovia has brought both rewards and challenges.

It has always been our priority to foster relationships with the people who have provided our ingredients. Farmers are as honest as can be. Clean and simple, they grow food. They work the land, their herds, their flocks and they leave no tread. Once their bounty is in Circa’s hands, it has always been our practice not to adulterate beyond recognition but rather to enunciate the profound colors and flavors they bring to the table. And we have always credited the source.

Education has also been a huge component of this business as well. Offering seminars, lunches to school children, hosting winter markets (free of charge) and appearing occasionally on local television or YouTube, all in effort to support and further the local food movement.

And I have listened to members of this community, helping to create an environment you said you hungered for: a place to support local artists, to come in, even alone, to meet or make friends. We made it comfortable here.

For these efforts, we at Circa have felt gratitude. And we thank you for your support.

I would now like to shine a different light on those eight years — on the choices I have made and the roads I have taken to get to this point, and why we are here today.

Circa has always been a labor of love, 14-hour days, five-to-six days a week, pure love and compassion without an ounce of regret. In addition to my wage, Circa has provided a sort of “psychic income” for me as I have tried to bring together the two most important aspects of my life: work and family (something I think we all strive to balance). As a result, you all have seen my son grow, perhaps more than I have from behind the line. And you have brought your children to visit with him, while you could steal a moment alone with your partners over a nourishing meal.

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