Cicero resident files complaint alleging malfeasance by top town officials

— “There are certain ‘chokepoints’ in the town of Cicero, and Mr. Bragman controls and has improper influence over the people in these ‘chokepoints,’” George wrote. Among those “chokepoints” are the planning board, the town supervisor’s office and the Cicero Republican Committee. George alleges that those agencies violate the town ethics code, if not the law, by providing Bragman with favorable contracts to the detriment of the town’s taxpayers.

George also reiterates his allegations against Zambrano and Wickman, the senior principal for C&S Engineering and town engineer for the town of Cicero. The two have been romantically involved since 2011 and share a residence within the town. George said the relationship between the two constitutes a conflict of interest, as Zambrano is benefiting from contracts she has signed.

Zambrano denies the allegations, calling them “political nonsense.”

“When I first realized my relationship with Doug was becoming more than casual, I asked our town attorney for an opinion of whether or not my situation would be a conflict of interest,” Zambrano told the Star-Review last month. She declined to comment further on the matter when approached for this article. “He reviewed the criteria for conflict of interest and researched the matter with other attorneys. The conclusion was that there is no conflict of interest because there is no direct or indirect financial benefit to me or to Doug. This conflict of interest allegation was raised with the District Attorney's Office last year when I was running for office as supervisor. The DA's office also found no conflict of interest. If there were to be a conflict, I would have abstained from any votes regarding the company at which Doug works on a part-time basis.”

Zambrano blamed political opponents conducting a smear campaign.

“The current complaint is nothing more than typical political nonsense that unfortunately occurs far too often these days,” she said.

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