LETTER: Tarby's restaurant endorsement: Front page news?

LETTER: Tarby's restaurant endorsement: Front page news?

To the editor:

We read Russ Tarby's front page article "Wood-fired wonderment!" in the Star-Review's July 9 to 15 edition with a great deal of, well, wonderment. Isn't the front page supposed to report news of interest to Cicero, Clay, Liverpool, North Syracuse, or Salina? His article amounted to a very strong, over-the-top endorsement of "The Barking Gull Restaurant" at, it seems to us, the expense of other local establishments that work hard to make a go of it. I believe that Mr. Tarby's opinions should be published only on the opinion pages of your newspaper. Was his front page endorsement of a local restaurant and his very enthusiastic opinion of the restaurant's pizza as a "cut above" other pizzerias really front page news? I don't believe that, with the very large number of restaurants serving pizza in the Liverpool area alone, Mr. Tarby is qualified to make that statement. We make a point of supporting local businesses and have been looking forward to visiting the Barking Gull Restaurant and we won't hold Tarby's lavishly opinionated endorsement against Liverpool's 'newest establishment." We wish the Barking Gull all the best.



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