Clarification needed in previously published article on St. Joseph’s Physicians, The Heritage Group


To the editor:

We would like to clarify a few issues that were miscommunicated in the article about St. Joseph’s Physicians, The Heritage Group in Cazenovia, published July 2 in Our Town Cazenovia.

The Heritage Group is a combined practice of St Joseph’s Family medicine Residency faculty at St. Joseph’s Hospital, with an office in Fayetteville and Cazenovia.

Concierge medicine is not offered in our office. Concierge medicine means paying an annual fee to a physician who then limits their patient population so that they can spend time with each patient and they may be cash only or utilize insurance. There is a wide range of how these practices work.

St. Joseph’s and our mission is to serve a wide range of individual’s and provide a wide access to quality care. When the comparison arose to concierge, the point was made that we provide individualized care and provide services like 24/7 on call physicians for urgent needs to our patients and have extended hours to 7:30 p.m. as well as Saturday mornings between the two offices. Because we train residents, we also provide continuity for our patients admitted to the hospital, as one of our partners will be our patients attending physician. These points were only a comparison to concierge medicine. We do not charge any extra fee and we accept most insurance plans.

There is a saying that family medicine cares for the patient from “birth to death” and is the “beginning of every specialty.” We enjoy being able to deliver babies and then care for children of all ages as well as their parents. We are able to watch families and individuals grow and change over time which can greatly enhance medical care. We also have the honor of caring for the elderly and helping families care for their loved ones at home or in care facilities as well as help to organize services that are needed for instance like Hospice care. For whatever age we coordinate care with other medical specialties.

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