Along the Lakeshore: friends in Arizona; sneaky beagles

I saw a couple of buffleheads last week and a whole flotilla of Canada geese over the weekend. Sunday’s flotilla honked a bit and blew town with the usual commotion and noise. David Graham reported that a large flight of swans was sighted in front of the country club. The exact species was not determined due to distance.

I received Christmas greetings from David and Jo Gillespie. He was the rector at Saint James Episcopal Church in 1957 and married Sue and me in September of that year. On Labor Day 1961, the four of us were sitting on Sue’s dad’s porch at 91 East Genesee St., anticipating the firemen’s parade down Genesee Street. Sue mentioned that she felt a twinge or two and I was ordered to get her over to Auburn Memorial Hospital immediately so we wouldn’t be trapped by the Labor Day festivities. One didn’t argue with Cooney Lapham when he issued a command. Dave was on the porch in shorts and I guess he stayed a while, as he finished up the day by marrying Cooney and his pal Suzy Van Dyne Wilkinson as his third wife. It was some kind of a day, but our son Jay did not appear until well after 7 p.m. and the news of the nuptial was relayed to us at the hospital by phone. I’m sure Sue and I would much rather have had a few drinks, enjoyed the parade and wedding, then gone to the hospital at about 4 or 5 p.m. We missed a good party.

The Gillespies are doing well, considering their vintage, and they now have a great-grandchild named Jackson. They continue to be active, thriving in Tucson, Ariz. in the winter and the Vermont hills in the summer. They are on the email distribution list for “Along the Lakeshore” and receive all the updates about Mr. Lemon, news from Skaneateles and the water levels.

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