Owera Vineyards owner responds to editorial and criticism


We want to be clear that we will continue to operate Owera Vineyards, hold a variety of events on the property and contribute to this community and local economy. We are pleased to promote our wine as an integral part of the Cazenovia Beverage Trail, which draws visitors to the area. Out of respect for our neighbors, our events in the tent will have special rules on the use of amplified music, times of operation and service of alcoholic beverages; but we can certainly serve food, as well as Owera wine, Critz’s hard cider and Henneberg/Empire craft beers. This is the right thing to do.

It is a shame that we cannot work together to resolve these problems. We are grateful for the outpouring of support we’ve received from customers, clients and community members. Last year, our wine sales exceeded all expectations. Many of our varieties of wine sold out, and our estate wine (made from grapes grown on our farm) won a gold medal at the New York State Fair. We are extremely proud of our employees and their dedication to focusing on our primary business — the making and promoting of our premium New York state wines.

Yes, we have made some mistakes. But our practice has never been to hurt anyone or resort to character assassination when we might disagree. We hope that in the future reasonable and polite voices might prevail in that debate.



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tamaugeri 2 years ago

I cannot believe that the few number of townspeople resort to such tactics as their attempt to slander the Muserlian's. They just want their own way, their own way. Owera Vineyards has brought so much vibrancy and smiles to many visitors and brides that it astonishes me that the few who want their "own way" cannot see this!

There are so many good things that they have done; constantly giving back to their community, hiring 25 people at the vineyard that appreciated having the job, and much more every day.

The Muserlians are the most upstanding people that I know and are not out to conquer the world. Their vineyard is such a bright spot in the sedintary area of Cazenovia, it's like watching your grandchildren who are young and energetic, grow and blossom! What's the matter with a little liveliness in the area? The Muserlians are trying to accommodate this whole situation. This is a major interest they have to create a family legacy and be part of the fabric of the community.


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