Along the Lakeshore: Horned grebes on the lake; an idea to save the county money

chippies and big birds try to feed. I really miss the action at the feeders and the colorful birds flying around in the morning when they usually are most active.

I would like to thank the good soul who stopped her car and asked if I needed any help or if she could call someone for me when I tripped on an ice chunk and flopped down in front of the 110 East Lake Road mailbox. I thanked her and said I would be able to get this pile of bones up if I could get my feet organized and I did just that. I just sustained a scratch or two as a result of this cool maneuver. I’ve been very lucky that I have never suffered a serious injury from my inattentive walking.

Joseph Spalding is a long-time Skaneateles resident who enjoys sharing his observations about the Skaneateles lakeshore and community. He can be reached at 685-6937.When we returned from our Rhode Island trip, we had a message from Dave Graham about seeing two horned grebes and two buffleheads in Bentley Cove. I looked up grebes in Mr. Sibley’s book and he says they are similar to loons, but smaller, with lobed toes and longer necks. They look a lot like a small duck and the head is sort of flat-topped. The cheeks below their eyes are white, the neck is dark, almost black, and the wings are whitish-gray. The breeding season (April through August) brings on a great change in color. The head has a bright yellow patch, the neck is red, the cheeks below their eyes are black, and the whitish-gray wings are sort of rusty colored. If they happen by again, I think I will be able to recognize them.

The lake level is hanging in at just below 862 feet. I’d be very pleased if they could get it down below 861.5 feet during January.

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