A total disdain for the truth


As for Nancy Muserlian’s total disdain for the truth in her many statements to the SLA, she has a history of dishonesty, as a look at the Owera case record and at previous reporting in the Cazenovia Republican makes clear. She made many promises to the SLA concerning future business plans and procedures at the winery that would supposedly address the neighborhood complaints. The proven unreliability of her past statements make these new promises unlikely, and we, for one, have no faith in her word. More important than any individual falsehoods and misrepresentations, however, is the total and overall history of Owera — were the Muserlians honest when they were awarded a $900,000 grant from the state? When they got tax exemption for their winery? In any and all of their other winery-related activities? These first two questions affect not just the Muserlians but all local taxpayers and as such they certainly bear further inquiry and scrutiny.

We hope every member of the town board, town planning board and town zoning board of appeals have watched the Jan. 3 SLA hearing (which is streaming free on the SLA website starting at about 10 minutes in) and will keep these repeated and egregious falsehoods and misrepresentations by Owera’s owners and attorneys in mind as they attend to all future dealings with the winery.

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