A total disdain for the truth


The twisting, distorting, ignoring and even disdaining of the truth by Owera Vineyards owners and attorneys has by now, unfortunately, become commonplace in this months-long soap opera occurring in our town. The latest evidence of this occurred at last week’s State Liquor Authority hearing when Nancy Muserlian and attorney John P. Sidd, of the Syracuse firm Menter, Rudin & Trivelpiece, both told the SLA they had no idea there were any violations issued against Owera by any municipalities. Sidd also stated this to the SLA in writing in a Dec. 26 letter. As we report in this issue, Owera Vineyards has been issued two violations by the county and two by the town (these later two violations we have reported on numerous times in previous issues). These latest false statements are so outrageously egregious they would be laughable if they did not occur in front of a governmental body.

Consider the facts: The county issued two violations and levied a fine in July; the town issued two violations in September; the town codes officer hand-delivered the violations to Peter Muserlian and they were mailed to the owners via certified mail; Owera attorney Thomas J. Fucillo, also of Menter, Rudin & Trivelpiece, sent a letter to the town one week after receiving the town violations specifically to take issue with the sound violation; the town violations have been discussed at nearly every town planning board meeting for the past four months, meetings at which Nancy Muserlian and Owera attorney Antonio Caruso, also of Menter, Rudin & Trivelpiece, were present; the town violations have been reported on multiple times in the Cazenovia Republican.

For Sidd and Nancy Muserlian to claim they were unaware of any violations issued against the winery were downright lies. There is no other word, no gentle euphemism, that can be used to characterize their statements. They lied. The only thing that saved the integrity of the SLA process was the well-informed chairman who confronted Muserlian and Sidd on the falsehood and made Sidd retract his statement.

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