Peggy’s Lot needs short-term parking for post office users


To the editor:

A staple of my daily ritual, and, I suspect, a lot of fellow denizens of greater Cazenovia, is to include a trip to the post office in their round of essential errands, if for nothing else than to do their civic duty: recycle junk mail. I used to have a mailbox years ago, but the town of Fenner snowplows had unfailingly mangled them every winter. It’s not their fault; it’s enough to keep the roads passable in the Fenner Alps. If I had one, I wouldn't discover it until the spring thaw.

So I keep a post office box and that gives me a pretext for coming into town and an anodyne for “cabin fever”! Last fall, the village after much deliberation, put in a beautiful parking lot to benefit the community. It's pristine — a thing of beauty! When it was finished, they admired their work and pronounced it “Peggy’s Lot.”

Every trip to the post office has become a quest: I have to circle the block several times, looking for that elusive space to emerge. Now that one space is dedicated to the “handicapped” among us, the task is become more daunting. One would think a handicapped space could be dedicated just inside Peggy’s Lot, where it would be safer disabled persons to enter or exit their vehicle. It seems paradoxical that an available space typically presents itself on the opposite side of the street to my line of travel.

After two failed attempts, I resign myself to taking the back alley to park near Kinney Drugs or by the Cannon Park and set out for the post office on foot. After my walk, I asked the postman the other day why Peggy’s Lot seemed perpetually empty. “Oh, that’s because you have to get out of your car, walk up to the kiosk and press a lot of buttons on the kiosk to learn that it would be more expedient and less expensive to park elsewhere…” he said.

Since most patrons of the post office can conduct their business in less than 15 minutes, wouldn't it be safer for pedestrians and more practical to establish a couple of short-term, 15-minute spots as a civic courtesy in Peggy's Lot? After all, we do aspire to be one of the “coolest” small towns in America!

The postman suggested I write a letter to the editor and so I have done. One can only hope that one day Peggy’s Lot will be “our lot!”



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