Along the Lakeshore: Bird watching; our local animal shelter

The lake remains at about the same level. Bill installed our ice agitator, which opened up a big hole near the boat hoist and floating dock. The strong wind from the south on the weekend swept all the ice away and it has cleared out to a about opposite the mole at the country club. My neighbor’s winter mooring float is gone, but my two floats are bopping along there quite cheerily, showing off their strong orange color.

With the removal of the ice, we have seen some rather exciting waterfowl action. First, we had a group of about 60 to 100 scaups dropping in. Next, a flock of Canadian geese spent the night. There have also been two groups of four pairs of buffleheads bopping around and feeding. On Jan. 28, we spotted a large group, just north of my north dock. There were about 100 redheads, with a few scaups, 10 to 20 buffleheads, and one mallard pair mixed in.

The sun rises almost due south of our window location. This provided good lighting for this mass of water fowl and made their colored features really stand out. Often the light is wrong, depending on the time of day, weather conditions, or angle of sunlight. It is a real treat to have these conditions all come together for a good viewing.

I have received many emails and cards of sympathy concerning the death of Mr. Lemon. I wish to thank everybody for their thoughtfulness. Needless to say, Mr. Lemon is missed very much. I have rearranged the house, disposed of most of his stuff, and put some things away for future use.

Yesterday, I delivered my remaining dog food and treats to the Finger Lakes SPCA in Auburn. I also donated a large bag of deposit cans and bottles for redemption. I think the budget is very tight over there and it is a good place to drop off cans. A bag of cans provides just a little pocket change for most folks, but these small amounts of money, when multiplied, can be helpful to an organization like the SPCA.

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