There is truth to what 'they' say

So they say that after you adopt, you're sure to become pregnant. Well, there's truth to that particular adage, though I didn't think it spoke to me.

I was wrong ...

Not even half a year after adopting our two children from Colombia, I became pregnant. Stunned? You bet. Anxious? Um, yup. And finally? Elated to be experiencing such a blessing that I never thought would happen to me.

Prior to letting our children know, however, we decided to feel them out.

I said to our 6-year-old son ... "you like babies, right?" He responded, "I like the word baby ..." Uh oh.

Bringing it up to our 13-year-old daughter, however, was a different story. In fact, we didn't even have to ask how she felt about babies. We already knew she wanted a baby brother or baby sister. Well, specifically, a baby sister — though she insists the gender doesn't matter. So when we told her, she was thrilled.

Santiago has since warmed up to the idea and told me so shortly after we shared the big news with them.

"Mom, I am happy we're going to have a baby. Do you know why?"

"Why?" I asked, curious to hear his logic.

"Because I'll have a friend in the house," he said, delighted with this new prospect. He'd been tiring of his big sister having friends sleepover this summer while he has to go to bed before even the sun turns in for the night (it's so unfair!).

He also informed me we'll need a bigger car and bigger house — preferably one with a pool and a Wii.

Did I mention the anxiety I was feeling early on? Yeah, it still kicks in from time to time.

Well, with our pleasant surprise also comes bittersweet decisions — and after discussing with my husband, I decided to put in my resignation at Eagle Newspapers. My last day will be Sept. 1.

I've truly enjoyed my time as editor of the Baldwinsville Messenger and, as editor, have met so many wonderful people in the community. Baldwinsville is unique to other towns and villages in the county and for that, you should be proud. As a native of Liverpool, I feel fortunate to have become more intimate with my next-door neighbor through events, announcements, meetings and festivals, and I look forward to continuing a healthy relationship with the people and businesses in the community.

But this time, as a mom of three.

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