Renovations to Veterans Park on track to be complete by Memorial Day

Volunteers sought to help with hard labor at East Syracuse park May 6 through 9

Renovation plans

The preliminary work has already begun at Veterans Park – Liedka said the site has already been cleared and some of the trees have been removed.

“Before we started it was extremely overgrown, the monuments were hidden by the trees – they were dominating the site,” Liedka said. “They made it look crowded and took the attention away from the monuments, and we want the attention on the monuments.”

The real work begins on Monday, May 5 with the assembly of a 60-foot wall, complete with three-foot tall peaks which will each bear an emblem of the five branches of service in the U.S. military. On top of the peaks will be a stone cap that will have low voltage LED lights that shine down on the emblems.

“It won’t be so bright that it will shine into people’s homes, it’ll just be bright enough where people will be able to see it,” Liedka said.

In addition to the wall, a paver walkway will be constructed around each of the monuments, which will be repositioned and cleaned. Currently, there are only four monuments that memorialize World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Four additional monuments will be added to commemorate the Persian Gulf War, conflicts in Grenada and Lebanon and the War of Terror.

And finally, the village of East Syracuse has donated the funds to purchase two more flagpoles, so the American flag can fly on its own.

“We have to respect the etiquette of the flag – right now, there are two flags on one pole and that’s bad etiquette,” he said.

Volunteers needed

Liedka is asking anyone and everyone who is interested for their time next week to help move the pavers from the trailer they were delivered in over to near where the landscapers are going to lay them down into the walkway.

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linkslove 1 year, 9 months ago

Nice to hear some folks and businesses giving back for the Vets. Great job


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