B’ville resident announces plans to run for sheriff

I then left Amtrak Police and received an appointment as a narcotics agent with the Pennsylvania State Bureau of Narcotics under the attorney general. I had many different assignments over the years. I worked at the Philadelphia International Airport with U.S. Customs (ICE) intercepting heroin traffickers. I was assigned to the F.B.I. Organized Crime Squad to work the mafia in Philadelphia. I also ran the PA Montgomery County Drug Task Force, which was the second largest drug task force in the United States.

After I retired, I worked part time training new United States air marshalls in surveillance and counter surveillance in 2004-05 at different international airports. I then started to pursue doing law enforcement commentary for T.V. in Manhattan and eventually Los Angeles. I have spent the last five-plus years between Philadelphia and Los Angeles pursuing T.V. and writing. Google John Jack Garafalo.

From 2006 to present, I am the director of training for ESVIA — Eastern States Vice Investigators Association. I recruit police instructors for narcotics and vice crimes. Go to esvia.org and click on Conference and see my schedule for ESVIA-2014 Virginia Beach.

Why are you running for sheriff?

I’m running for sheriff because it’s a good job and I can truly touch people’s lives by helping them in their hour of need. As children, we are taught to help others and law enforcement has been a great tool for me to do that. It goes both ways. I have also received help when I was in trouble!

Nothing is more rewarding than being able to help another human being when they’re in trouble. The example that always comes into my mind is the firefighter who rescues someone like the Atlanta firefighter a few years back who was strapped to a helicopter and then lifted 50 stories up in the air to rescue a man from a burning platform — even Hollywood can’t compete with that.

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