Along the Lakeshore: support New York dairy farms

I would like to pontificate a bit about the fact that California has become the leading dairy state in the U.S. Much of this milk comes from cows consuming hay crops that have been irrigated and great wails of hurt are coming from those farmers because they will not be able to get enough water to grow hay in the severe drought conditions in their area. It seems to me that places feeding their cows hay that grows with water from the sky should be the major providers of milk for the country.

The California dairyman show nice television pictures of some fine-looking cows luxuriating in green fields which are probably in northern coastal California which gets moisture from fog and the sea. These animals are advertised as the happiest cows in the USA and we are encouraged to buy dairy products with the California logo on it. This campaign just bites on my elbow, as most of these products are high-end cheeses, etc. I think we should all support our New York state dairy farmers by buying products grown and produced in New York state. If not here, then buy from Vermont, not California

Using irrigation water to grow off-season lettuce and artichokes is a good business decision for California growers. This also holds true for west coast citrus products. Water is a major resource which will increase in value as climate change progresses. In New York we should be mentally prepared to conserve it and be ready to market its availability to organizations that need high-quality water to make wonderful things to drink and to eat.

Many manufacturing processes also require water to be successful. I don’t know how much water you need to build one automobile. I would guess quite a lot. More manufacturers will soon realize that the Great Lakes basin is a good place to be in business. This should fatten our business climate and lead to good employment.

Correction: The raid that I mentioned in last week’s article was in Cherry Valley, not Cooperstown as stated.

Joseph Spalding is a long-time Skaneateles resident who enjoys sharing his observations about the Skaneateles lakeshore and community. He can be reached at 685-6937.

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