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The ice on the lake seems to be transforming itself into something hopefully resembling little pencil-sized icicles. If this happens, it will disappear overnight, as the small water crystals just melt away with no damage to anything.

The old-timers (I guess I fit that description) would say the ice just sinks. The worst case would be chunks about 8 to 10 inches thick and about the size of an automobile crashing against the shore with a 40-mile-an-hour wind from the southeast. This would break up lots of things. One year, a cottage on Five Mile Point was pushed up and moved back from the shore a considerable distance.

Lake Road on Oneida Lake near the I-81 bridge in Brewerton sometimes gets heavy ice build-up as high as twelve feet in front of the houses. It is visible on the right going north over the bridge.

The lake in Bentley Cove is well diced now. The open area is about a quarter of a mile long and several hundred yards wide. When you think this started out as a couple of small open water areas around a dock and under a boat hoist, it is really amazing. These devices can prevent or lessen damage to property when the ice goes out.

The redheads remain in diminished numbers. I counted 32 spread over the north end of Bentley Cove Tuesday evening.

The gigantic flocks of dark and white geese have moved on to their summer locales. The last two evenings I am sure there were 2,000 to 3,000 white geese sleeping or honking around the ice edge and about 150 common geese sleeping in the water or just paddling around and honking all night long. The morning departure rush was noisy, with lots of wing wind noise.

Who knows whether I’ll ever see this sight again. If the warming continues, this winter might be one of the last full ice-ups that we will see. Lots of things have to happen at just the right time to get a deep lake like Skaneateles to freeze totally. The big lakes like Seneca and Cayuga froze on the shallow north ends, but not on the deep areas at the south ends. That will do for your ration of lake ice discussions.

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