LETTER: Village services make taxes worth it

— LETTER: Village services make taxes worth it

To the editor:

I would like to respond to the article in the March 26 edition of The Post-Standard [“Cuomo: Curbing property taxes most important part of NY state budget”]. [The article quoted] Cuomo saying, “Do the hard thing,” and our county executive regarding consolidation.

I am a lifelong resident of the village of Liverpool, because that is where I choose to live. Does it cost me more in taxes to live here? Yes. What am I paying for?

Trash pickup, including recyclables

Roads plowed all winter so I can shop in the village

Sidewalks plowed (no $100 fine)

The finest police protection in Onondaga County

A beautiful cemetery maintained by our DPW

Historic and children’s parks, again maintained by our DPW

Yard waste pickup during the season

A professional volunteer fire department

A state-of-the-art village library

A Liverpool village court

Village officers providing necessary services, staffed by friendly, professional people that address your every need with personal concern

A mayor and board of trustees who govern our village with the pride and concern of village residents

My tax for all this is about $1,650 annually, less than my Time Warner Cable bill.

The article quotes the governor as saying, “High property taxes [are] the most important part of this year’s budget negotiations. The county executive agrees.

I also agree, and I believe a good place to start is by reviewing PILOT programs and OCIDA sweetheart deals that ultimately have a domino effect of raising local taxes. These things are controlled by the state and the county, so I say, “Do the hard thing” and let local municipalities do the thing they do best. Do not ask them to fund your pet projects.



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