Minoa joins list of municipalities to begin reassessing lawn sign law

Other municipalities take note; begin to think about reassessing their laws

— “I think it’s a good opportunity for other municipalities to take a look at what they have on the books,” Chapman said. “I think the individual lawmakers and attorneys have to decide what they think is best for their municipality, concerning representing their constituents and being in compliance with what the laws are going to allow. It certainly could be very different for every municipality.”

Reactions by municipality

So far, each municipality’s individual laws and priorities have dictated what steps they are planning to take to address the issue of political speech on lawn signs. For example, the village of East Syracuse has nothing in its code to address political lawn signs, but government officials will sometimes ask residents who keep their signs up well after an election is over to remove them. And Mayor Bob Tackman said that the issue of lawn signs is not high on his list of priorities while he focuses on lowering the village’s tax rate.

“I do have it on a task list as something to look at, but nowhere near anytime soon,” Tackman said. “I don’t like to wait for problems to happen, but our focus is really just on our budget right now and we have no desire to review things that aren’t affecting us, especially because we don’t have any village elections coming up for another two years.”

Meanwhile, in the village of Manlius, there are no restrictions on political lawn signs, aside from a line in the village’s code which states that residents must take their signs down within seven days after the election. Mayor Paul Whorrall said that he doesn’t foresee any changes being made simply because the law hasn’t been an issue.

“Most of the time, signs in the village are removed within the next day or two, at least I know they were after [the March election],” Whorrall said. “If a resident brings it up, we may look into it to see what the town decides to do and where it stands with what we already have or don’t have. But otherwise I don’t see it being brought up.”

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