LETTER: Tax money not going to kids in North Syracuse

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Tax money not going to kids in North Syracuse

To the editor:

On Thursday, Sept. 12, I attended the second JV football game, Cicero-North Syracuse vs. Liverpool. The game was called during the second quarter because of electrical problems. There was almost a sense of relief. LHS had already scored 28 points. The first JV game went the same way. This is not the coaches’ or athletes’ fault.

Once again we can look to the North Syracuse Board of Education. Education has always been about and for the children. The tax money paid by the citizens should be directed toward the children, but after attending board meetings, it became apparent to me that the board had its own agenda, which has nothing to do with the people and parents that elected them or the students.

Primary school is supposed to prepare children for higher education, which includes not

only the classroom but also extracurricular activities. Those include, to name a few, sports, music, drama, arts, etc. The board, however, has deemed it more important to spend the money on the administration rather than on the students. First the threats commence, and then the cutting begins. To that end, they have cut JV tennis, freshman football, certain music programs, etc.

Why is that? Not because they didn’t raise taxes to support these programs, or so the public thought, but because they must pay exorbitant salaries and bonuses to the administrators. They are top heavy and therefore the children are being short changed.

These thousands of dollars should be used for the children and the programs they were raised for. We all know that once a program is cut it is very hard to get it back. Once again the students are the losers.

The board will continue to use your tax dollars for their own agenda and unless action is taken by the people of this district it will not be to the benefit of the children.



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