LETTER: Cicero needs to focus on the future

— From the mailbag

Cicero needs to focus on the future

To the editor:

I am writing a response to the Sept. 18 letter from Mr. Dudzinski (“Zambrano’s record not one of development”), wherein he indicates he is responding to my prior letter, yet he seems to have had his own agenda. I made no statements on misuse of appointments by deputy supervisors and I made no comments or implications about prior administrations. Restating my words here would be fruitless. What is important is that we have an important election in early November and we residents of Cicero need to focus on today and the future. Our current administration, led by Mr. Corl and Ms. Zambrano, has made notable progress, and even produced a budget surplus. Yes, a surplus. We need to keep that momentum going.Ms. Zambrano is the best candidate to carry that torch into 2014 and 2015. She knows the issues, she knows the people, she is involved right now in town government and we need to keep her there.

His assertions about Mr. Corl, Ms. Zambrano, and the local Republican committee I found troubling. Did Jim Corl really state that he “was no longer interested in the supervisor's job”? Of course not. His achievements and involvement the past two years show he was planning a second term of service to us. An unanticipated opportunity opened for him to continue serving Cicero residents and also others. I applaud that; he will do well for us all in the legislature. Did Ms. Zambrano really “orchestrate a deal with the Republican leadership”? The Republican committee (all 51 members are listed at cicerogop.org , one of whom is Mr. Dudzinski) voted among several possible candidates (was Mr. Dudzinski one of them?) and their selected choice was Ms. Zambrano. That appears as a democratic process to me (and was documented recently in this newspaper), certainly not a “deal.” She won that nomination and she deserves our support.

I respect Mr. Dudzinski's right to hold to his beliefs. What is important for the rest of us is to look at the progress of the past two years, to read Ms. Zambrano's vision at jessicaforcicero.com and to cast our votes for her on Election Day (Nov. 5). Let's not step backward; let’s keep Cicero moving ahead.



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lerxst62 2 years, 4 months ago

Can we please stop calling this mismanagement of the budget a "surplus"? They raised taxes, borrowed money and dipped into the reserve fund. What they did was pay someone to do the budget for them (That's right, they paid someone else to do their job), and Mr. Rowland did a horrible job. This "surplus" is nothing but concrete evidence of how utterly clueless these people are. Taxes were raised unnecessarily. Do we get that money back? Of course not. They started spending it the minute they could get their hands on it (paving the town hall parking lot. The most pressing need in the town).

As for Jessica's "vision"...that entails doing what is best for Jessica. When does she plan to jump parties for her own betterment again?


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