Along the Lakeshore: Sept. 25

Mr. Lemon is going to have minor surgery on Friday which will require a reduced diet and restricted water on Thursday. He will not know that it is for his own good, so he will be distressed with me for the variation in his treat routine. He’ll also have distressing premonitions of impending unpleasantness when we arrive at the vet’s office. He has been healthy and had no real issue on any visit, except for the report from the weigh-in, but he doesn’t like the shots. By the time you read this he should be six days post-op and hopefully well on the mend.

I have a good friend who works at the State Street School cafeteria and entertains her cohorts after work at the Hill Top Restaurant with third and fourth grade one-liner jokes. This week’s collection:

What do you call an unwashed fairy? Stinker Bell

Why do cows often have bells? Because their horns don’t work

Little kids’ jokes have always tickled me a bit and I hope they keep coming on strong.

Ken Young joined a table of eight older ladies having lunch at the Hill Top and, as usual, he created lots of chatter. He always brightens my day, as he gets along so well without a hip. It reminds me how lucky I am to have a 25 and a 20-year-old hip and two 10-year-old knees with no significant problems with any of them.

In my youth, I sold lawn and garden machinery when Wheelhorse and Springfield and Gravely where the kings of gardens and lawns. I’ve attended service schools for all of them and taught schools on Lawn Boy mowers and chainsaws.

My vintage 1987 Yamaha golf cart and power wheelbarrow stopped running on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend while my grandchildren were on a trip up Fire Lane 17 for morning paper. I supposed it was a bad fuel pump, so we installed a new fuel pump, cleaned the carburetor and all filters, and replaced all the rubber tubing. It still would not run on fuel, but it would run on ether starting fluid. One of my friends, a graduate of a two-year course on small engines, double-checked everything and suggested that we order a new carburetor. It didn’t help.

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